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Canada: Police Say Protect the Privacy of Thieves, Don’t Post Videos of Them Stealing Packages

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Quebec’s Police force, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), has advised residents against publicly sharing surveillance videos capturing thieves stealing their packages.

In recent years, the phenomenon of “porch piracy” has become an increasingly troubling aspect of urban and suburban life. As online shopping has surged in popularity, so too has the opportunity for thieves to swipe unattended packages from doorsteps and porches.

The rise of porch piracy correlates directly with the boom in e-commerce. With millions of packages being delivered daily, many are left unattended for hours, making them easy targets for thieves. The convenience that online shopping provides to consumers also creates a vulnerability that these criminals exploit.

Thieves have reportedly followed delivery vehicles and swooped in to seize packages when left unattended, according to Montreal West Public Security Councilor Lauren Small-Pennefather.

As package thefts continue to rise, homeowners are utilizing online platforms to expose thieves, seek community support, and sometimes even shame the perpetrators.

The trend of uploading videos of package thefts has gained significant momentum. Home security cameras, doorbell cams, and other surveillance devices are capturing clear footage of these crimes. Victims share these videos on social media platforms like Facebook, X, and Nextdoor to warn neighbors and others.

But now Quebecois police are telling people not to upload the videos to social media. Their reasoning? According to SQ Communications Officer Lt. Benoit Richard, it’s to protect the privacy of the thieves.

“You cannot post the images yourself because you have to remember, in Canada, we have a presumption of innocence and posting that picture could be a violation of private life,” SQ communications officer Lt. Benoit Richard warned, according to a report aired on CTV.

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