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How To Adjust Cursor Size on Trisquel MATE GNU/Linux

This tutorial will help you change mouse cursor size on any computer with MATE desktop environment by the example Trisquel GNU/Linux. It is useful for many cases including among them teaching purpose on online streaming or live presentation using projector device and to help older people or those with vision issues. 1. Open MATE Control …

A Complete Guide to Lubuntu Default Apps and Their Purposes

This is a full list of all Lubuntu default applications (or list of Lubuntu components) with their explanations for first time users. Lubuntu is the official variant of Ubuntu with LXDE as the technology of the desktop environment and default applications. This list is sorted alphabetically with app names taken from menu for example Discover, …

How To Make Thunderbird Show Email Replies Like Gmail

Thunderbird is the flagship Ubuntu email client and the free/libre open source software one for all major operating systems. by default, Thunderbird does not show sender replies and you might not like it. If you prefer Gmail-like ways to view replies including yours in every mail conversation, you can use the add-on Conversations. We will …

Compilation of Hard Disk Partitioning Tutorials

This is a collection of hard disk partitioning and maintenancing tutorials published by Ubuntu Buzz in several years. With these tutorials, you can learn how to create, format, reformat, rename, delete, resize, enlarge, shrink filesystems and partitions to digital storages including hard disk drives (HDDs), SSDs, flash drives, both internal or external. They are mostly …

How To Setup C++/OpenGL Programming Tools on Ubuntu and Start Learning

This tutorial will help you install all requirements for C++/OpenGL programming and immediately start learning by reading You will be able to build all the source codes both ways manually using commands as well as using Qt Creator. We dedicate this to all Computer Science & Informatics students everywhere especially those who are currently …

How To Make PDF on Ubuntu

This tutorial will help you create PDF documents on Ubuntu computer with default applications. You can do so using LibreOffice (full set consisted of Writer, Calc and Impress) and Firefox. You can do this quickly without adding any new application. Now let’s try it out!  Subscribe to UbuntuBuzz Telegram Channel to get article updates. Reading PDF   …

LibreOffice: How To Embed Fonts in Document

This tutorial will help you place copies of fonts inside document with LibreOffice. This helps digital document compatibility and interoperability with other software users especially when they use different systems. This can help solve missing fonts issue which often hinders people adopting free software and GNU/Linux. Now let’s try it out!   Subscribe to UbuntuBuzz Telegram …

How To Download and Install Alternative Fonts on Ubuntu

This tutorial will help you download and install fonts listed on the alternative fonts comparison table we published. It means you will practice visiting websites of respective fonts like Carlito’s and Liberation’s, downloading, extracting, viewing, installing and finally using them on your system. This is hoped to help you increase document compatibility using LibreOffice and …

Download Zorin OS 17 with Mirrors, Torrents and Checksums

Zorin OS, the computer operating system from Ireland, released version 17 at Wednesday, 20th December, 2023. Currently available as Pro and Core editions with Lite and Education Editions waiting, it is the successor to version 16 released two years ago. This GNU/Linux system is suitable for most computer users, organizations, schools and offices. Below you …

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