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CPU-X, Show Computer Info Like cpu-z on Ubuntu

CPU-X is a free software for GNU/Linux users to display processor info, Intel or AMD, in ways similar to another program called cpu-z. It will show cpu brand logo along with other info of cpu, caches, ram, system in real time and benchmarks too. It comes as portable application so just click it will run with no installation needed. Enjoy!

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To run CPU-X on your computer:
1. Go to its website CPU-X.
2. Click Download and it will redirect you to GitHub CPU-X latest version.
3. Find the downloads under Assets section. 
4. Download CPU-X AppImage. Todat its size is about 30MB.
5. You downloaded a file named CPU-X-5.0.3-x86_64.AppImage for example. 
6. Run your file manager. 
7. Double-click the AppImage file > CPU-X program runs > it shows your CPU info.
8. If step 7 failed, right-click the file > give it permission as Executable > OK > redo it.


(1) CPU vendor, code name, technology, version and temperature among others.

(2) Showing L1, L2, L3 caches info

(3) Show motherboard manufacturer, model, BIOS and chipset info.

(4) Showing system info OS name, OS version, kernel version,  uptime and real time memory loads.

(5) Showing graphics info vendor, driver, model, clock and memory.

(6) Showing benchmarks with prime numbers both slow and fast and its parameters.

(7) Showing program description and author and licensing information.


This program is licensed under GNU General Public License 3 (GPLv3). The source code is available on the GitHub linked above. We want to say thank you to CPU-X developer Tumultuous for developing this nice free software everybody would love.


This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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