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Dan Bongino Reaches Record-Breaking 3 Million Rumble Subscribers, Extends Show Length, In a Win For Free Speech in Digital Media

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In a milestone for non-Big Tech digital media, conservative commentator and radio host Dan Bongino has surpassed three million subscribers on Rumble, the video platform known for advocating free speech. This achievement marks a significant moment in the Big Tech rival platform’s history, solidifying Bongino’s status as a key influencer in the digital media landscape.

Bongino’s growth on Rumble has been fast. Each of his live shows now consistently garner over 100,000 viewers.

Recognizing this success, the Rumble Team has expressed great enthusiasm over Bongino’s commitment to the platform. In a recent statement, they announced a new development for 2024: Bongino will be increasing his live streaming time from one to three hours daily, promising his audience more of the unfiltered and dynamic content he is known for.

This expansion to a three-hour daily show, described by Bongino as “nonstop political insanity,” is expected to draw even larger audiences and further amplify his voice on the platform. The move is seen as a testament to the growing influence of alternative media platforms like Rumble, which prioritize free speech and offer a counter-narrative to mainstream media outlets.

The significance of Rumble’s growth, and that of creators like Bongino, goes beyond mere numbers. It highlights a growing public appetite for platforms that support free speech and provide a haven for diverse opinions. In an era where concerns about censorship and media bias are at an all-time high, Rumble’s rise represents a shift in the media landscape, offering a new avenue for discourse and debate.

Bongino’s success on Rumble is not just a personal victory but a beacon for proponents of free speech. It underscores the importance of having platforms where voices, regardless of their political leanings, can be heard without fear of suppression. As we move into 2024, Bongino’s extended live streams are set to become a major fixture in the digital media space, further cementing the role of platforms like Rumble in shaping public discourse.

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