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Download Ebook: Kubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS KDE Plasma

This is the official Kubuntu 20.04 GNU/Linux user manual book in two formats PDF and Ebook free to download and share. This book mainly explains about Kubuntu, for Kubuntu users, and also KDE Plasma Desktop, for everyone who want to learn about it. You can read our short book review below before downloading. We encourage you to print out and share this valuable book as many as possible to people you care about if you can. Lastly, we say thank you and greatest appreciation to The Kubuntu Team for publishing this book. Enjoy!



Title: Kubuntu Manual Documentation Description: An official user guide book of Kubuntu 20.04 LTS “Focal Fossa” with KDE Plasma Desktop explaining from basics of what is Kubuntu, system installation, how to use the desktop and applications, networking, desktop customizations, software package management, PPA up to how one can get involved and contribute to the project together.Authors: The Kubuntu TeamPublication date: 1 February 2022Pages: 59Price: Free to download License: CC BY-SA 4.0 (free to read, copy, edit, mix, share and sell)First chapter: Explaining the Kubuntu philosophy, free software and open source, Linux kernel and KDE.Second chapter: Explaining step by step of Kubuntu installation to computer and laptop.Third chapter: Explaining basic use of Kubuntu with the KDE Plasma Desktop mainly about Launchers and networking.4th chapter: Explaining customizations of Kubuntu to suite the user needs mainly about KDE Plasma Desktop stuffs like Themes, Plasmoids, Panel, Activities and briefly talking about hardware driver.5th chapter: Explaining Repositories, the source where Kubuntu users take their software packages from, by talking about managing them as well as personal package archives (PPAs).6th chapter: Explaining Software Management and Software Introduction, talking about how to install applications via Discover, and introducing a lot of Free/Libre Open Source Software provided by Kubuntu.7th, 8th, 9th and 10th chapter: Explaining Contribution, Support, and Software Packaging guides, so Kubuntu users can proudly join and get involved in the Kubuntu development itself, and then ended with Appendix.




*) Note: to read PDF, we recommend free/libre software Sumatra (Windows) and Okular (Kubuntu). To read EPUB, we recommend Calibre (all platforms).




Kubuntu Help and Support (the source of this ebook)

Kubuntu Manual (the actual download server) 

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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