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Download Endless OS 5, Verify and Install it On Computer

Endless OS 5 officially released Friday, 27 January 2023. The OS 5 is the fifth major version of Endless GNU/Linux, a Debian-based free software distribution aimed to empower public education especially people with no internet access, conveying learning contents like the offline Wikipedia, powered by GNOME, Flatpak and OSTree technologies. This article will show you download links, how to download OS 5, verify its authencity before installing it to your computer. Happy downloading!

(Albanian Ferrie Boat — a photo by Shan Dem from is
the official wallpaper of Endless OS 5)

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About Endless OS

Endless OS is a free software GNU/Linux-based computer operating system from the United Stated that “comes with everything your family needs” with a mission to “help people around the world gain access to knowledge and opportunity through technology.” The OS is a crucial part of a social movement that helps students and families in various countries with limited access to internet and technology, empowering them with hundreds of applications and educational media preinstalled. Thus, the image file size of Endless OS is bigger compared to average GNU/Linux distributions and is more suitable to be downloaded by BitTorrent method. 

 (Picture: a screenshot of one Endless OS web page)

Downloading Requirements

Web browser
BitTorrent client
(we recommend Transmission BitTorrent for Windows and MacOS)



Endless OS 5 offers many different editions for different types of computer. This article presents how to download the first choice Basic Edition. You can also download other edition choices by following procedures mentioned next section according to your choice.

For Intel/AMD PC (X86_64): Basic [3GB] | Full [16GB]Mass installer for PC: Basic [1GB]
For Raspberry 4 (ARM64): Basic [4GB] | Full [14GB]
For PineBook Pro (ARM64): Basic [4GB] | Full [14GB]
For Khadas VIM2 (ARM64): Basic [4GB] | Full [14GB]
For Libre Computer AML-S905X-CC Le Potato: Basic [4GB] | Full [14GB]

To clarify the difference, Basic Edition contains a set of applications enough for daily work and school but no extensive learning media like The Offline Wikipedia etc. and needs internet access to download/view media while Full Edition contains all of them and media can be enjoyed without internet access.

Download OS 5

Endless is available for free cost and downloable mainly via BitTorrent method thanks to its large size.  

1. Visit

2. Visit ‘Free Download’ link on top or bottom.

3. On the download page, click ‘Step 1: choose your image.’

4. Select ‘Basic (3.27GB) Multilanguage’ choice. 

5. Click ‘Step 2: Download the file.’

 6. A file named eos-XYZ.iso.torrent [torrent] will be downloaded. 

7. Open the torrent file using your BitTorrent client program.

8. BitTorrent client will open, find the actual ISO image file and ask you where to save the ISO. Answer it with directory of your choice.

 (Example: we run KTorrent to save OS 5 in a directory named ‘endlessos’)

9. Download process will take a while for the file name eos-XYZ.iso [iso] and it might last for several hours depending on your internet access.

10. Once finished, BitTorrent client will say the file is “Seeding” or “100%” and it is ready to use.

11. To download any other edition, select the edition choice from step 4 and continue to step 10.

Verify Downloaded File

Each ISO Image file is accompanied with a small verification file called asc. Endless OS also publishes a key file called gpg. Each downloaded ISO should be verified using its corresponding asc and gpg files to proof that it is authentic. Otherwise, the ISO image is defected/corrupted and should be redownloaded.

1. Visit

2. Download the key file ‘Endless Image Signing Key’ and you should save the file named eos-image-keyring.gpg [gpg].

2. See the first section ‘Endless OS 5.0.0 for PC (Intel/AMD x64)’.

3. Under Basic section, there is ISO image signature. 

4. Download the ISO image signature and you will have a file named similar to the ISO: 

eos-XYZ.iso.asc [asc]

5. Save the [asc] and [gpg] files in the same directory with [iso] file.

6. Open Terminal in that directory. 

7. Run verification command line below:

$ gpg –verify –keyring=./eos-image-keyring.gpg eos-XYZ.iso.asc eos-XYZ.iso

Please change ‘XYZ’ with the actual file name.

8. Terminal will return the verification message that says the ISO is authentic.

Install OS 5 to Computer or Laptop

Your existing Windows computer, desktop and laptop can run Endless OS. In order to do so, the OS should be installed into the computer. It can be installed in safe dualboot mode (without deleting any existing OS) and in either hard disk, solid state drive, as well as USB flash drive.


AMD, Intel 64-bit processor.2GB memory32GB disk storage8GB USB flash driveUSB Installer Making Guide

In order to install Endless OS to your computer, you need an Endless OS USB installer created by flashing the ISO image file into a USB flash drive. To do so, follow our tutorial for three operating systems Windows, MacOS, and GNU/Linux.

Installation Guide 

Visit for step by step tutorial to install OS 5.


To this step, your computer runs Endless OS and ready to use. 

Contribution Ways to Endless OS

You might want to get involved in the development of Endless OS. Everybody can join the team and start the collaboration by several ways according to Get Involved page:

1) Public engagement: participate on their Community Forums.

2) Deployment: install Endless to multiple computers in your home, school, office, etc.

3) Documentation: help them maintain the documentation website.

4) Programming and testing: if you are experienced in software engineering, join our software development efforts.

5) Jobs: consider applying if there is a job suitable to you, so please check the Endless OS Foundation Careers page.

6) Seeding: just let your BitTorrent client open after downloading Endless OS, that will automatically upload the OS to other people and the community.

Happy computing!


This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.


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