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Firefox and Smart RSS: Find Our Feed Reader Again

Did you miss the old Firefox’s feed reader feature? You can take it back by using Smart RSS. If you wonder, it is an ability to subscribe and read offline any blogs and websites you often visit in one place. Smart RSS is easy to use and has beautiful user interface, it could be your daily news reader. Now let’s try it out.

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1. Install Smart RSS

Visit Smart-rss-reader and click Add to Firefox / Install Now. Once installed to Firefox, you will notice a new RSS feed logo on your toolbar.

2. Visit A Website

Try to visit

3. Subscribe to RSS Feed

While visiting, notice the RSS logo turns orange color > right-click it > Subscribe > select either Atom or RSS > subscribed > a new page displayed with the news you have subscribed to.

 4. Subscribe More

Please repeat step 2 and 3 for any other websites you want to subscribe.

5. Read the News

To enjoy the news you subscribed, click RSS Feed logo, it will open the Smart RSS page. Now feel free to read your favorite news. You can use search and pin feature also if you wish.

(Left: websites you are subscribed to | Middle: news of a selected website | Right: reading the selected news )
Happy reading!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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