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Gab Introduces Gab Clips, a TikTok-Style Vertical Video Format

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Social networking site Gab has announced the launch of Gab Clips, a feature reminiscent of the short, engaging video clips popularized by TikTok. The addition is set to transform the way users engage on the platform, with the option to create and peruse portrait-style videos in a swiping motion.

The format is designed to mimic the natural way users hold their phones, providing an optimal canvas for creating and sharing content.

The move by Gab is seen as a nod to the booming popularity of vertical videos on social media platforms. The vertical orientation aligns with the natural grip of smartphones and is increasingly being preferred by users for its immersive, full-screen experience. Platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok have capitalized on this trend, encouraging users to create content that is casual, candid, and in-the-moment.

Gab, a platform known for championing free speech, extends its ethos into Gab Clips, enabling users to share their talents, stories, and thoughts in a dynamic, creative format without the censorship that comes with other platforms such as TikTok. This feature promises an exciting space for a wide range of creators including comedians, musicians, artists, and educators, offering them a chance to reach a broader audience.

In a significant integration move, Gab has also incorporated Gab TV into Gab Social, aiming to provide a seamless, unified experience for users. The feature allows users to watch the latest news, discover new talents, and enjoy their favorite creators’ content without needing to switch between apps or services.

With the introduction of Gab Clips, the company encourages its users to invite friends, family, and online acquaintances to join the platform and share their favorite clips, fostering a community of creativity and connection.

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