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Gradual Changes at Your Website vs. Relaunch

Website Changes or Full Relaunch?

It’s time to make changes at your website: it’s not really bringing in the return on your investment that it used to, traffic isn’t climbing as it used to, or maybe the site just isn’t accurately reflecting your business anymore. Whatever the reason, you’re ready for a change.

One of the first decisions you need to make is whether to start afresh with a complete relaunch or just to make gradual changes as they become urgent.

There are advantages to a complete relaunch:

You can use the relaunch as an opportunity for press releases, newsletters to your mailing list, and other splashy marketing moves.
You and your customers get all the benefits of the new site at once.
Everything works together.
Everything is updated at the same time, from the version of ColdFusion or HTML you’re using to the color scheme.
There’s excitement about a new launch.

There are also advantages to a gradual change:

You can spread the cost over time.
You can test elements along the way, fine-tuning and tweaking as you go.
You may be able to make some changes in-house.
Frequent site updates can have SEO advantages.
You can bring in different people at different times, benefiting from a range of skills.

As always when you end up with two equal lists of advantages, the decision for your company will probably have to come down to which of the advantages seems most beneficial for your particular circumstances. We can reassure you, though, that with Data Fidelity you can often have both sets of benefits at once.

You can hire Data Fidelity for web design and web development. We’re confident that our team has the range of skills and expertise to meet your varied needs and that everything will work together. You can feel certain that everything will be updated to meet the most current standards and marketplace needs for technology.

You can also hire us on retainer for a given number of hours per week, containing costs while having the benefit of keeping an excellent IT team on hand for all your needs. We’re experienced with all kinds of testing, knowledgeable about SEO, and give you the versatility of multiple workers for the cost of one.

Do you want the splashy marketing opportunities or the long-term power of steady drops of water? We can’t answer that one for you. Contact us today to discuss the options and determine what will work best for you.

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