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How To Adjust Cursor Size on Trisquel MATE GNU/Linux

This tutorial will help you change mouse cursor size on any computer with MATE desktop environment by the example Trisquel GNU/Linux. It is useful for many cases including among them teaching purpose on online streaming or live presentation using projector device and to help older people or those with vision issues.

1. Open MATE Control Center.

2. Open Appearance under Look And Feel section. 

3. Appearance Preferences window will show. 

4. Current theme will be shown as the selected one. On Trisquel, its name is Trisquel.

5. Click Customize > Customize Theme window will show. 

6. On this window, open Pointer tab.

7. Under Pointer tab, it will show several cursor theme choices and one is selected. On Trisquel, it is MATE.

8. Adjust the size of pointer by sliding the slider button at the bottom. To right means larger, to left means smaller. 

9. Cursor size adjusted.

10. Close all preferences windows. Done. 



This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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