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How To Import and Use Microsoft PowerPoint Templates on LibreOffice Impress

This tutorial will help you importing and using Microsoft PowerPoint templates on LibreOffice Impress. This way, you can immediately create beautiful presentations you really need and want just instantly. From this article, you can download a lot of both academic and general purpose templates including those from Oxford, Harvard, and MIT available for free on the net in PowerPoint PPTX format to later import, save, and convert them to Impress ODP format if you wish. Now let’s practice!


(University of Oxford presentation template can be opened, imported, used, very well with LibreOffice Impress along with other impressive number of templates)

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We started a LibreOffice class in Indonesia this year 2022 and we tried hard to give everything useful for students, especially, using PowerPoint templates in Impress. This is a good idea to boost up your productivity at your work. We hope this inspires everyone to create, share and enrich LibreOffice Impress templates more and more.

Warning about licenses: even though you can download a lot of templates gratis, and use them for personal purposes, you might be not permitted to use some for commercial purposes by their authors. For that reason, always check the license of every single template before reusing and resharing it. As a solution, it is better if you could find templates with free as in freedom licenses such as cc by-sa (license used by all Wikipedia pages) or in public domain or even better make them yourself. Trying out many templates will give you the ability to do so in Impress. 


What you can create

With Impress, you can import and use academic presentations from:

ACM University of California, Berkeley
CERN Cambridge
MITAlso with Impress, you can import and use pre-made presentations for:

CulinaryCar racing Football Government
Motorcycle racingSports
Product marketing
Sales reportFinancial report


(, an example of high-quality gratis templates provider)


Below is a list of gratis (free of cost) Microsoft PowerPoit template websites. They altogether provide the world most complete digital presentation  templates for all purposes possible including mentioned above. 

General Resources (CC BY)


 (, providing gratis PowerPoint, Impress-compatible templates)

Academic Resources



Cambridge, UK 

University of California, Berkeley, US

Harvard, US  

Oxford, UK

TUM, Germany 

(Harvard Medical School, representing Harvard, an example of well-known university that provides official presentation template with their logo identity) 

Document Format

ppt : PowerPoint 97-2003 old format.

pptx : PowerPoint 2007-365 new format.

potx : PowerPoint template format.

odp : Impress format.

otp : Impress template format, equivalent to potx.

You can use whatever PowerPoint/Impress format available without problems. However, the difference between normal formats (pptx, odp) with template formats (potx, otp) is that:

1) if you open the file, normal one will show its actual file name on titlebar while template one will show Untitled, and, 

2) if you edited them, saving a normal one will change its content while saving a template one will create a new file without changing the original content.


Expected Goals

Your LibreOffice Impress should improve from having just a few to a lot of templates especially those you really need for your purposes. See pictures below, could you notice several new templates named acm, berkeley, and cambridge? Now you can have them too.





1. Get an PowerPoint template document file. 

You can search, find, visit and download them from any of resources above.

2. Open LibreOffice Impress.

3. Open the PowerPoint document.

4. Document opened.

5. Do File > Templates > Save as Template > give it a name according to its original name > select My Templates category > Save > successfully imported a template. For further explanation, read our LibreOffice Templates Use Guide.

6. To use a template, do File > New > Templates > template chooser dialog will show > select a template > Open > a new untitled document with template will show > you are ready to write. Please read LibreOffice Templates Use Guide if you want to learn more.

6. To import another template, repeat steps number 1-5.


Template Examples


Impress ACM

This is a presentation template by Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) opened in LibreOffice Impress 7.4 with pre-installed default fonts on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa. You may witness it displays perfectly without any problem whatsoever.

Impress UC Berkeley Template

This is one of several official University of California, Berkeley presentation templates. The university is very popular in the free software community for being the place where BSD operating systems were originated.



Impress Caltech Template 

This is a presentation that uses California Institute of Technology (Caltech) identity published by its website. See the orange text and corner logo? That’s it. This university is worldwide ranked number 1 in 2022 by RUR.

Impress Cambridge Template 

This is a University of Cambridge presentation template opened and imported in Impress.

Impress CERN Template

This is a presentation with CERN identity by H. Prin. CERN is an European organization of nuclear research in Geneva, Switzerland.


Impress UGM Template

This is a presentation of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) from Yogyakarta, Indonesia using the alma mater identity.

Impress Harvard Template

This is an official presentation template of Harvard Medical School. See the red color and the lion shield? That’s the alma mater’s identity.



Impress MIT Template 

This is presentation template of one of international conferences held by Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with its alma mater’s identity on it. See the unique red-grey MIT logo? That’s it. Note: the official templates are reserved for MIT students only i.e. not publicly downloadable.

Impress ITB Template

This is a presentation from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia with the alma mater’s identity on it. See the yellow-blue circle Ganesha logo? That’s it.

Impress Telkom University Template

This is a presentation by a team of lecturers of Telkom University, Indonesia.

Impress Oxford Template

This is an official presentation of University of Oxford, England for the purpose of introducing the alma mater itself. Blue is the identity.

Impress Stanford Template 

This is an official template of Stanford Medicine, School of Medicine, US.


Impress TUM Template

This is a presentation template from Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany (Deutsch: Technische Universität München). TUM is ranked number 1 in the country in 2021 by

Impress Udayana Template 

This is an official template from Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia.


Impress School Education Template 

Among thousands of presentation templates available, there is English Vocabulary one by Slidesgo, an example that education media can work beautifully with Impress.

Impress Travel Template

This one is a travel presentation template by full with colorful illustrations. 

Impress Medical Template 

This one is a medical, hospital themed presentation by

Impress Culinary Template 

There are many presentation templates about food, culinary, vegetarian etc. and this is one Korean recipe by 


What is LibreOffice? 

LibreOffice Templates Download Center

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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