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How To Install Synaptic Package Manager on Ubuntu 24.04

This tutorial will help you install Synaptic on Ubuntu 24.04 “Noble Numbat”. With Synaptic, you can search and install and remove and update software packages easily by clicks rather than command lines (GUI rather than CLI). It will be easy to you to access by putting its shortcuts on Dash left panel and desktop wallpaper area. This article is part of a larger series Package Management System on Ubuntu Buzz. We wish this will be beneficial and useful to you. Happy installing packages!


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Install Synaptic 

Open Terminal and type the following command line followed by Enter.

$ sudo apt-get install synaptic apt-xapian-index software-properties-gtk

It will install three packages “synaptic” the application,
“apt-xapian-index” search functionality, and “software-properties-gtk”
the repository settings.


Run Synaptic

Click Ubuntu logo -> applications menu will show -> type “synaptic” -> click Synaptic Package Manager -> type your password -> Synaptic runs -> Synaptic is ready to use.

Create Dash Shortcut

Run Synaptic -> Synaptic logo will show on left panel also known as Dash -> right-click on it -> Pin To Dash -> Synaptic shortcut is ready on the Dash.



Create Desktop Shortcut

Run Files -> go to /usr/share/applications -> find a file named synaptic.desktop -> copy and paste the file into desktop wallpaper -> file copied (with grey color) -> right-click on it -> Allow Launching -> Synaptic shortcut is ready (with pink color).

 Happy installing packages!



This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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