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How To Install Telegram Desktop on Ubuntu 24.04

This tutorial will help you install Telegram Desktop — the fast and famous messenger of the free software community (GNU GPL) — on Ubuntu 24.04 “Noble Numbat”. With Telegram, you can communicate online with your family and friends with group chats, channels, video call and file sharing features among many other excellent ones. Also, you will be able to make desktop shortcuts for quick access on both your left panel Dash and wallpaper area. Now let’s do it and happy messaging!

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1. Download

Run Firefox browser -> visit -> click blue button Get Telegram for GNU/Linux x64 -> you download tsetup-<version>.tar.xz -> download finished.

2. Extract

Run Files -> go to Downloads -> right-click tsetup-<version>.tar.xz -> Extract -> extract finished -> you get a new folder named “Telegram” with two files inside.


3. First Run

Go to Telegram -> in this folder there are two files with gray, gear icons named “Telegram”  and “Updater” -> double click Telegram -> Telegram Desktop running -> it is installed successfully.


4. Login

On Telegram Desktop, you will be asked to login -> select login with phone number -> insert your phone number -> Telegram secret code will be sent to your currently running Telegram or as SMS to your number, insert it -> insert your Telegram password -> logged in to Telegram -> Telegram Desktop is ready to use.   


5. Run, Close and Quit

To run Telegram Desktop after installing it, you can find it on your applications menu along with other applications: click Ubuntu button -> type “telegram”  -> click Telegram Desktop icon -> Telegram is up and running. 

To close Telegram Desktop, simply click Close (X) button and its window will close but it is actually still running and it may send you notifications.

To quit, press Ctrl+Q or select “Quit Telegram” under Telegram icon on tray. This way, Telegram Desktop is completely stopped and no notifications will be able to show.


6. Make desktop shortcuts

Run Files -> go to Home -> press Ctrl+H so you can now see hidden files -> type “telegram” so you can search for it in the whole directory -> you should find a file with .desktop extension on its name among the results -> drag and drop it to your desktop wallpaper -> it will be a disabled shortcut -> right-click the shortcut -> Allow Launching -> Telegram Desktop shortcut is ready to use -> finished.

Happy messaging!


This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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