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How to Launch a Successful Marketing Campaign for Your Business

Plan Ahead for a Marketing Campaign Launch that Works

Wondering how to launch a new product or service?

If you’re about to embark on a big business venture, look closely before you leap! There are already some established tricks of the trade to launch a successful marketing campaign.

Outline Your Objective

Do you know what you are trying to achieve?

Specificity is key to your success when determining how to launch a marketing campaign, and it’s so essential for planning. Vague intentions such as “growing my business” or “making more money next quarter than the last” won’t cut it.

Identify a particular goal that you are working towards with your marketing efforts.

This goal should have measurable KPIs. Do you want to improve your percentage of repeat customers by 15%? Are you trying to promote a fantastic new product and are aiming to sell 10,000 units in the next quarter? These are solid objectives for you to base a marketing campaign on for your business.

You may also develop your strategy around other common marketing campaign objectives, such as raising brand awareness, increasing the total number of customers, improving retention rates, and other measurable goals. Clarity from the get-go will give you the best chance at success.

Brainstorm Your Approach

Are there some online channels that work better for your business than others?

If there’s a specific digital marketing approach that sees more interaction than others, stick with it. Determine which online channels to use based on your audience — younger crowds use Instagram, while just about anyone uses Facebook. The benefit of social media marketing is that it’s free, besides the cost of managing pay-per-click campaigns and paying for ad space to boost your posts with more coverage.

Analyze the Market

In need of a more “scientific” approach to your digital marketing efforts?

Before you go running into your marketing campaign launch full force, stop for some A/B testing. Establish a variable (perhaps promotion via the various social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn), and gauge performance through trial and error by posting the same content on each. Does one website seem to work better for you? A/B testing is an excellent approach to establishing the best times, places, and content types to post on your business profiles.

Identify Your Audience

Who are your people?

Who you are trying to connect with is just as important as what you are doing. This is not only demographics such as age, gender, location, and income bracket (which is still necessary), but also other essential information about your audience, such as how they communicate, what their interests are, and where they are in the buyer’s journey.

When you do this, you can create the right tone with your language and imagery. The last thing you want to do is to miss the mark when trying to connect, engage, and make them remember you. Depending on the potential customer’s stage, you should also curate your content with this in mind. There are likely several stages that would need to be addressed.

Appropriately identifying your target audience is essential when researching how to launch a marketing campaign.

Do they know your brand exists? Do they have a problem that your new product solves? If you are reaching out to new customers, you need to understand when and why they would seek you out – and how that particular audience would be most likely to find you.

Your audience will determine which social media platforms you should focus your attention and deliverables on when conducting a social media marketing campaign. Should you invest in ads on YouTube? What about stories on Instagram? Facebook is still a global champion in social media use, but is your particular audience using it frequently?

Google’s Keyword Planner is helpful in many ways, including searching for what concerns, interests, or challenges your audience may have related to your products or services. You can discover new keywords, see monthly searches, organize your keywords, see how they fit into different categories and create new campaigns centered around in-depth keyword research.

Knowing the people looking for your product or service is necessary to develop your strategy and deliverables across various marketing campaigns.

Establish an Irresistible Selling Point

Have a fantastic product, but your customers won’t bite?

Then you may need to amend your selling point. Remind them again why the things you offer are precisely what they need — but wait, there’s more! It’s on sale for a limited time. Then again, if you know there’s nothing wrong with your product or the price of the product, the problem may be that your previous marketing efforts are misrepresenting you.

Organize a Calendar of Deadlines

Curious about how to stay organized with your marketing launch campaign?

Set a calendar of deadlines and business goals to reach. Your schedule should project a path of milestones that lead you forward in the outcome’s direction over time. Try setting your goals by building a marketing calendar to get stuff done.

Remember, Consistency is Key

Did you take a break from the plan, even for a day?

These days, customers want to know that you’re reliable and can always count on you to deliver. When you skip a few days here and there or veer from the pre-established line of direction, you’re sacrificing all previous momentum. Once you gain a following, don’t disappoint your audience by forgetting about them. This shows that you have more important things to do than remain dedicated to the needs of your online community. Satisfy digital marketing demands by staying consistent.

Start Earlier than Intended

Do you believe the faster, the better, when it comes to digital marketing?

When your business is just breaking out into the online world, you may need more time for a marketing campaign launch than you think. It takes long hours and weeks upon weeks of consistent posting to reach your audience — and even longer to cultivate a reputable online reputation. Google search engine agrees that to multiply your marketing efforts, it will take time and domain authority to get to where you need to be.

Adapt to Unexpected Changes

Are you concerned about unforeseen events or surprises in your campaign?

In the wide world of marketing and branding, you may encounter situations you may not anticipate. Maybe a brief blip in quality control slightly affected one of your products, and a complaint on social media gained a lot of attention. Perhaps a news event related to your industry sparked extra attention to your services or products, and you have an opportunity to zoom right past your competition. Malleability in your marketing campaign is essential.

It would help if you made changes on the fly to roll with the punches that can place obstacles to your goals — or with events that can springboard you right past them. This is one of those gems that many companies may not consider when learning how to launch a marketing campaign.

Unexpected changes should be met with tactics aligned with your objectives.

Google’s Keyword Planner is also very helpful for reacting to unexpected events. If you are affected by market changes, it may be advisable to research keywords weekly rather than monthly. The more tools you have in your marketing toolbelt, the more agile and responsive you can be.

No marketing campaign should be set in stone from the get-go. Sometimes, adjustments need to be made.

This applies to whatever type of marketing campaign you are rolling out:

Inbound MarketingBrand DevelopmentContent MarketingSocial Media Marketing, or otherwise.

Don’t have time to plan a marketing launch campaign yourself?

Let us take care of it. Learn more about our marketing programs and contact Data Fidelity, a web design, content marketing, social media management, and web development company.

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