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Iran uses new surveillance network to crack down on women not wearing a hijab

The Iranian police said that they have started installing cameras in public places to identify women in violation of the strict headscarf law.

The police said that women not wearing the hijab (headscarf) identified by the cameras would be sent “warning text messages as to the consequences.”

According to the police, the cameras would prevent “resistance against the hijab law.”

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The police added that the system would use smart cameras to not only identify but also send “documents and warning messages to the violators of the hijab law.”

Late last year, Mahsa Amini died in police custody after she was arrested for not wearing a hijab. Her death sparked protests all over the Middle Eastern country, with women appearing in public without hijabs and some burning hijabs.

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In a statement, the police said that the hijab is “one of the civilizational foundations of the Iranian nation.”

Attacks on women not wearing hijabs in public are common in Iran. Last week, a video of a man throwing yoghurt at two women not wearing hijabs went viral. The women and the man were arrested.

Last week, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said that women must wear the headscarf as a “religious necessity.”

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