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Jobs Denied! Social Worker Penalized for Dylan Mulvaney Comments

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52-year-old social worker, Louise Chivers, alleges she’s been targeted by an unjust “blacklisting” process. She’s rendered unable to continue her career while under investigation—a retaliation for her critique of transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney as a sports bra model for Nike.

Chivers made her views known about Mulvaney, a 26-year-old transitioning male-to-female who broadcasts on TikTok. While Mulvaney’s videos, including endorsements for Bud Light and Nike, have attracted substantial online traffic, they’ve been met with a spectrum of responses after Mulveney was accused of mocking and parodying women.

Chivers, expressing her disapproval, described Mulvaney as “a skinny gay man with no tits” and accused Mulvaney’s content of being laden with misogyny, the Mail reported.

Chivers’ criticism, shared during a training event, ignited an aggressive backlash online. A manager at Leicestershire County Council allegedly expressed concerns about Chivers’ potential to misgender individuals, leading to recruitment agencies suspending her job applications until the resolution of a formal investigation. The council has since offloaded the matter to Social Work England.

In retaliation to the perceived blacklisting, Chivers expressed concern that her critique of gender-related issues is being mislabeled as transphobia. She now fears that her prospects of future employment are threatened by an overbearing focus on gender ideology. Chivers, a lesbian in adult social care, has voiced her disappointment with this development, blaming those in power who she believes have succumbed to indoctrination.

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