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LibreOffice Calc Productive Exercises for Students and Workers

This collection of tutorials will help you learn LibreOffice Calc like Microsoft Excel. We published these gradually since 2022 and is still continuing. We hope these helps you all regardless your occupation being a student, a teacher or a worker. Happy studying!

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Basic Functions


SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT – learn by exercises about how to take sum, average, and count of a series of numerical data e.g. students’ scores.

IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF – learn by exercises about automatic decision making with if, countif, and sumif e.g. evaluating students’ grades by pass or fail.

LEFT, MID, RIGHT – learn by exercises about manipulating text e.g. taking first, middle and last name.

MIN, MAX – learn by exercises about counting number of characters of a text e.g. how long a name is.

VLOOKUP – learn by exercises about vertical search of a series of data e.g. choosing a student name will show his/her scores.

HLOOKUP — learn by exercises about horizontal version of vlookup.

Basic Data Input


Data Entry Form — learn by exercises about showing data entry form and doing data input by typing.

Basic Works


Create Chart — learn by exercises about making charts out of data in LibreOffice Calc.

Create Mail Merge (with Writer) — learn by exercises about writing identical letters –like student report card, invitations or invoices– for different recipients.

Create Pivot Table — learn by exercises about recreating and representing data in different formats according to user’s needs. 

Convert Number to Text — learn by exercises about translating numbers to text e.g. similar to what you find on receipt papers such as $100 means one hundred dollars.

Create and Use Filters — to be arrived.


Basic Adoptions 


From Excel Documents to Calc Templates — the fastest way to learn LibreOffice Calc in our opinion is to adopt existing Excel documents into Calc. This way, we have more than enough resources and do not need to create everything from zero.

Excel and Calc Resources 


Vertex42 —  in our opinion, the number one resource and provider of Excel documents (let’s call it Calc documents). They provide a wide range of documents for almost all purposes you will need, such as, invoices, money management, financial statements as well as charting and many more. 


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