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LibreOffice Writer: Set Paper Size F4 or Folio

This tutorial will help you in setting up F4 or Folio paper size in LibreOffice Writer in step by step with examples and pictures. This includes making templates so you can quickly make F4 documents without repeating paper size setup and further make PDF for easy printing. Now let’s try it out.

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Paper Size List

A4 = 21.00 x 29.70 cm
A5 = 14.80 x 21.00 cm
F4 = 21.0 × 33.0 cm
F4 (alternative) = 21.5 × 33.0 cm
Letter = 27.94 x 21.59 cm
Long Bond = 33.02 x 21.59 cm

Configuring Inch and Centimeter Units

If your default measurement unit in Writer is inch and you want to change it to cm, or vice versa, do the configuration as the following:

1. Open the menu Tools > Options.

2. Navigate to LibreOffice Writer section on left > General.

3. Change measurement unit from Inch to cm (or vice versa). 

4. OK. 

5. Unit changed into what you need.

Step 1. Change Paper Size

Go to Format > Page Style > under Paper format section, select “User” > change width x height into 21.00 cm x 33.00 cm > OK > document changed into F4. 

If you want to use alternative size (also called Folio in Indonesia and Long Bond in Phillipines), change the size into 21.5 cm x 33.0 cm.

Step 2. Save Document

Go to File > Save as > document saved in F4 paper size > document is ready to print.  

 (A Writer document with F4 paper size)

Step 3. Save as Template

File > Templates > Save as template … > select “My Templates” > name it “F4” > save > OK.

Step 4. Close Writer

Close the program LibreOffice Writer (Ctrl+Q). 

Step 5. Create New F4 Document

Go to File > New > Templates > select “F4” > OK > a new F4 document is ready.

Alternatively, you can instead press Ctrl+Shift+N.


Step 6. Make F4 Default Size

This step is optional.

1. File > Templates > Save as template … > give check mark ‘Set as default template’ > give it name “F4” > select ‘My Templates’ category > OK. This will replace the existing one if any.

2. Repeat step 5. 

3. Now every new Writer document will be in F4 paper size by default.

Step 7. Save as PDF and Print

Finally, you can save the F4 size document as PDF for easy printing:

1. Go to File > Export > Export as PDF > OK > PDF saved.

2. Open the PDF in your PDF reader. 

3. Print the document.



F4 Paper Size — by Wikipedia

F4 Paper Size — by Paper Size

Happy writing!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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