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Member of Church of England’s general synod is reported over tweets

A Church of England Bishop called the police to report a member of the church because of his criticism of gender ideology on Twitter.

According to Christian Concern, Sam Margrave was already receiving death threats from activists because he argued against gender ideology on social media. Margrave believes that gender ideology contradicts the Christian belief that a normal relationship is that between a man and a woman.

The bishop reported Margrave, a member of the church’s governing general synod, proposed a debate on LGBT issues.

“His motion proposed that the synod, ‘affirming that God loves all people, nevertheless consider[s] that the ‘Pride’ rainbow flag, activity and events, and what it represents in terms of the ordering of lives and relationships is contrary to the word of God,” the report stated. Margrave quoted more than a dozen Bible verses he believes support his argument.

His motion recommended the House of Bishops “to state that support for Pride (including use of the rainbow flag; and blessing, participation in, publicizing, resourcing and endorsement of Pride events or flags) is incompatible with the Christian faith, its agenda being contrary to scriptural teaching, Church doctrine and Canons of the Church of England.”

In addition to reporting him, the bishop told Margrave, “The Diocesan Secretary has had no option, in view of a number of complaints received, to report your offending tweets to the West Midlands Police and is in continuing conversation with them. They have advised her that they have been able to speak to you but that you continue to deny you have done anything wrong.”

Margrave responded: “I am shocked, appalled, and deeply hurt that the bishop and diocese has resorted to reporting me to the police and has essentially thrown me under the bus. For standing against the sexualization of children and the secularization of the CofE, I have been repeatedly harassed and threatened. The impact on my well-being has been immense and the people in the Church who should be supporting me the most have closed ranks against me.”

He told Christian Concern that after he was reported, the police left him threatening messages, including that they would visit his home if they did not hear from him.

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