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Minds Partners With Livepeer to Introduce Live-Streaming

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In the ever-evolving world of social media, the live-streaming feature has become a prerequisite for platforms to thrive in an otherwise competitive environment. Responding to a wave of user requests, Minds, keen on integrating live streaming, faced a formidable challenge: a subsequent financial crunch. Livepeer, an emergent figure in the open-source community, stepped up and collectively they unveiled a nuanced live-streaming feature on Minds. Currently being run as a beta version, the addition represents a monumental stride toward bolstering the platform’s reach and monetization potential.

When users access the composer on the Minds web app, they encounter a live stream button. Initiate the feature to be presented with two data fragments necessary for streaming: an RTMP link (typically a server address) and a unique stream key. With these two components at one’s disposal, users can proceed to their streaming software such as Stream Yard or OBS, plug in these values and initiate the stream, visible in the composer for preview.

For those not possessing access to OBS or Streamyard, Livepeer has obligingly offered its own broadcasting tool, accessible through a dedicated URL, contingent upon replacing the term “STREAMKEY” with one’s unique stream key assigned in the Minds composer.

As previously stated, this interface is in its beta phase with its fair share of teething issues.

Assessing the community’s utilization of this feature is the next challenge that Minds confronts. The platform is eager to understand its community’s inclination towards live streaming: quantifying the enthusiastic streamers, the potential viewer base, and evaluating the service performance and usability. This analysis aims to foster an economically viable approach that assures Minds’ sustained growth.

Minds’ collaboration with Livepeer and the subsequent launch of the live streaming feature marks a significant accomplishment in open-source collaboration between two alternative tech platforms.

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