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Mobile Apps Pricing

Mobile Apps Pricing
Australian made, simple, fast-deployed mobile apps

Using AppyPie, Appsheet and Microsoft Visual Studio, we can launch mobile apps for your business with incredibly fast turnaround time. 

$49 total one-off cost
Create HTML app from existing website 
Upload app to google play & app store 

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$149 one-off cost
Simple, 4 page standalone app developed with AppyPie
Written using HTML, Java & CSS

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$249 one-off cost
Intermediate app, developed using Appsheet
Link to up to foud web forms (via Google Forms)

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Apps written from scratch via Visual Studio from $399

Four functional pages included
Contact form
Entirely customized functions and appearance

Optional extras

Backend hosting via Google Cloud
Synchronization with existing database (MySQL or SQLserver)
Animations, gamification or interconnectivity with I/O devices (camera, microphone, Bluetooth devices)
Google DayDream, SamsungVR, Oculus connectivity and development (Via Unity development platform)

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