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Odysee introduces Creator Memberships – a new way to support creators

Video sharing platform Odysee has launched a beta version of its new “Creator Memberships” feature which lets creators offer paywalled members-only content to their followers.

The beta version is currently available to Odysee Premium members but Odysee plans to roll it out for all creators within the next two weeks.

Creators can offer multiple tiers with unique members-only perks such as exclusive content, members-only chats, early access content, and member badges.

Odysee creators keep 100% of the intended payment sent by their members after payment processing fees. By comparison, YouTube takes a 30% cut on its Channel Memberships, fan funding platform Patreon takes a 5-12% cut, and paid newsletter platform Substack takes a 10% cut.

While Odysee is primarily a video sharing platform, creators can also publish text posts, image posts, and audio posts. This means the Creator Memberships feature can also be used to host members-only blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, and more. It also lets creators keep all their paywalled content in one place instead of having to use multiple sites.

Not only does Odysee let creators keep 100% of the payments after payment processing fees but it also allows a much wider range of content than YouTube and Patreon. YouTube prohibits content based on vague, subjective terms such as “misinformation” while Patreon has banned creators for off-platform activity. Odysee has committed to letting creators speak freely which means its creators can offer members-only content without having to self-censor and tiptoe around far-reaching censorship rules.

Creator Memberships are currently priced in US dollars but Odysee said support for currencies will come later.

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The beat launch of Creator Memberships is the latest of many upgrades to Odysee this year. It previously added video chapters and launched premium plans which give users access to ad-free viewing, exclusive perks, and more.

As Odysee continues to build new features, creators are flocking to the platform. Some of the big names that have joined the platform this year include satire site The Babylon Bee, internet, pop culture, and gaming commentator SomeOrdinaryGamers, Brazil’s biggest podcast Flow, and sports highlights channel Highlight Heaven.

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