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OpenMandriva 23.03 ROME is Released with Download Links, Mirrors and Torrents

OpenMandriva, the French-origin general purpose operating system successor to Mandriva, has released the latest of its rolling release edition “ROME” version 23.03 to download. It improves the previously released ROME by adding more choices for the users including GNOME and Server. We listed things about the release in brief and we hope you will enjoy it. Happy downloading!

 (Picture by OpenMandriva LX [source])

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About OpenMandriva

OpenMandriva Lx (often shortened as OMA) is a French based GNU/Linux distribution developed as continuation to world class operating system called Mandriva. The developer team claimed that OpenMandriva is unique and independent, that is, it’s the first distro built using LLVM (Clang) technology instead of GNU GCC and it isn’t based upon any other existing distribution. It has two main choices, ROCK, the stable edition for users who prefer their computing not changed too quickly, and ROME, the rolling release edition for users who like their software always latest everyday. OpenMandriva Lx official website is


What’s new in ROME 23.3

Among the changes to this latest rolling release are new versions of software mentioned below. Full changelog can be read at Release Notes.

– LibreOffice
– Falkon 22.12.3
– Firefox 111
– Chromium browser stable 110
– Krita 5.1.5
– Gimp 2.10.34
– Calligra Suite 3.2.1
– Digikam 7.9.0
– SMPlayer 22.7.0
– VLC 3.0.18
– Virtualbox 7.0.6
– OBS Studio 28.1.2


Editions and Architectures

It is available as several editions and architectures. 


PlasmaPlasma Slim


amd64 for Intel and AMD PC 64-bit.znver1 for AMD Ryzen.aarch64 for computers like Raspberry Pi 4 and 400, Rock Pi, Ampere Server.


Download ROME 23.03 (main downloads)






Release Notes

Distrowatch: OpenMandriva ROME 23.03

Wikipedia: OpenMandriva Lx


Happy downloading!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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