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Polish Musician Removed From Performances and Teaching Job After Social Media Post Criticizing Gender Ideology

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In a concerning display of modern cancel culture, Polish musician, Ewa Justka, found her career suddenly upended due to her opinions on gender ideology.

Justka, an accomplished electronic music artist and electronics teacher, shared her troubling experiences in an exclusive interview with Reduxx. The musician revealed her ongoing harassment and professional elimination that began in July after she publicly voiced support for JK Rowling and Professor Kathleen Stock, both of whom have been critics of gender ideology.

Justka’s Instagram post was met with a flurry of hate messages and threats which called for her cancelation.

The post featured several screenshots, including one that defined the term “lesbian” as a “female homosexual,” even as it critiqued the derogatory usage of the term “TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist). Critics often weaponize this term against women opposing gender ideology, with threats of violence frequently attached to the use of the label.

As a result of her post, Justka faced severe professional consequences – she was removed from a compilation album, she had her workshops and gigs canceled, and even began enduring harassment from local musicians.

Justka’s pressing concern, however, centered on her performance alongside esteemed British musician, Mathew Herbert, scheduled in October 2023 at the Gulbenkian Art Centre in Canterbury, as part of the Oram Awards. Having been a recipient of the Oram Award in 2017 and a respected alumna, Justka anticipated potential pushback from the awards authorities and reached out for their support. Her fears materialized, and the Oram Awards rescinded her invitation.

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