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Proton Launches a Password Manager – Proton Pass

Proton – the maestro behind the encrypted email service Proton Mail – has added another arrow to its quiver with the official launch of Proton Pass, a password manager that speaks the language of security with its end-to-end encryption.

The unveiling of Proton Pass comes in the wake of a realization that a password manager is not just a convenience but a necessity in the modern era, as people have too many passwords to remember and a completely unique password is needed for every site and app.

Proton Pass is designed as a browser extension for desktops (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave to be precise) and also has apps for iOS and Android.

The gem in the Proton Pass crown is its end-to-end encryption. Anything stored within this digital fortress – passwords, email addresses, and even notes – is encrypted. Not even Proton can decrypt this information as they don’t possess your user key.

Proton has open-sourced Proton Pass, making it a treasure trove for security experts to scrutinize and validate its security armor. Along with this, expect security audits, reports, and a bug bounty program to ensure that the virtual walls of this fort remain impregnable.

Proton Pass can also be a sentinel for one-time passwords by storing generation codes, essentially morphing into your two-factor authenticator. Moreover, it allows you to make secure notes for sensitive data like credit card information or social security numbers.

Proton Pass is the brainchild born from Proton’s acquisition of SimpleLogin, an email alias startup. It leverages SimpleLogin’s technology by allowing users to create email aliases which, when used, redirect incoming emails to their Proton Mail inbox. This adds an extra layer of security and anonymity.

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