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Rumble Cloud, a Challenger to Big Tech, Enters Beta

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In a bold stride towards a free and open internet, Rumble — the thriving video-sharing platform — has advanced its mission with the landmark beta launch of Rumble Cloud, an early delivery on the company’s projected timeline, at the heart of the cloud services market.

This milestone from Rumble, rolled out today, forms the backbone of a fresh infrastructure highway purposed to support the unfettered internet. It’s a beacon for those left in the cold by the censorship and questionable pricing tactics of Big Tech in the cloud services domain.

Rumble’s focus has been the construction of a sturdy framework able to sustain the company’s high-velocity streaming and video business. The infrastructure now in place not only caters to Rumble’s comprehensive video needs but also serves as a springboard to plunge into the cloud market, allowing it to compete with the likes of Amazon and Google.

It will tap into the spare capacity and convert it into a cloud-based service profitable to a new customer base, thereby leveraging economies of scale.

Promising a diverse range of functionalities, Rumble Cloud stands ready to offer its beta clientele a vast portfolio of cloud services. These include but are not limited to Kubernetes and virtual machines, essential storage services (such as block and object storage), along with networking features boasting virtual private cloud and load balancers.

To drive the service’s success, Rumble Cloud Beta Partner program grants an opportunity for partners to relish the Rumble Cloud’s benefits, play a vital role in its refinement, and work in parallel with top-tier talents from Rumble.

“In my opinion, the Rumble Cloud is one of the most overlooked opportunities with Rumble,” states Chris Pavlovski, the Chairman and CEO of Rumble. He underlines the integral role of the service to the company’s core video business and the immense prospective market it can tap into using their excess capacity.

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