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Rumble Extends Innovative Policy: Creators Keep 100% Subscriber Revenue

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Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski announced the extension of the platform’s groundbreaking revenue policy. Under this extended policy, creators on Rumble will continue to retain 100% of the revenue generated from their subscribers, without a specified end date. This decision marks a significant step in the digital content creation industry, positioning Rumble as a staunch advocate for creator earnings as well as free speech.

Pavlovski announced the move on X.

This policy, initially introduced as a temporary measure, received overwhelming positive feedback from the creator community. It has been instrumental in attracting a diverse range of content creators, from independent journalists and educators to entertainers and lifestyle commentators.

The extension of this revenue model is particularly significant in the context of Rumble’s branding as a free speech platform. By financially empowering creators, Rumble not only bolsters the range of content on its platform but also reinforces its commitment to free speech and the open exchange of ideas.

Creators on Rumble have expressed their appreciation for the policy, highlighting how it has enabled them to invest more in their content and engage with their audiences more effectively. The absence of revenue-sharing means creators can rely on a more predictable and substantial income stream, a rarity in an industry dominated by platforms that take significant cuts of creator earnings.

As the digital creator economy evolves, Rumble’s creator-centric approach may well become a benchmark for others to follow.

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