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Rumble Launches Beta Version of its All-In-One Live Streaming Tool, Rumble Studio

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Free speech video sharing platform Rumble has released a beta version of Rumble Studio, a new live streaming tool that makes it easy for creators to manage their live streams.

The tool comes with several features that simplify and enhance the live streaming experience for creators, including:

Stream to multiple platforms (including Rumble, Locals, YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook)
Stream Redirect (which makes it easy to move audiences from one platform to another)
Stream with multiple people
Canvas (which can be used to add text, images, and more to the live stream)
Multi-device support (Rumble Studio can be used to go live from the web, iOS, or Android)
Moderation tools (which allow live chat moderation to be delegated to co-hosts)

Rumble also plans to introduce several additional features in future versions of Rumble Studio, such as:

Caller Queue (which will allow creators to take and manage live questions from the audience)
Performance Monitoring (which will aggregate live chat, provide stats, and more)
Clips (which will allow creators to easily clip their favorite moments from streams)

Additionally, Rumble CEO and Chairman Chris Pavlovski said that Rumble’s ad platform, Rumble Advertising Center, will eventually integrate with Rumble Studio so that creators can get sponsorship read notifications before and during streams and get paid after they complete the read. This integration will presumably be facilitated via Rumble’s Creator Sponsorship Marketplace, a part of the Rumble Advertising Center that will let advertisers connect with creators directly and facilitate transactions for sponsorships.

“The launch of Rumble Studio is a huge milestone in our ongoing commitment to support the independent creator economy,” Pavlovski said. “New creators will be launching channels with this exciting new product and we are thrilled to offer even more content to our viewers.”

Creators that want to participate in the beta can join the waitlist at

The launch of this beta version of Rumble Studio comes days after Rumble expanded the availability of live streaming by opening it up to all creators.

Not only is Rumble making live streaming easier and more accessible but Rumble Studio has also been created by a company that supports free speech and regularly defends creators from censorship — a stance that contrasts with that of some of the other popular live streaming tools, such as Streamlabs, which has banned creators and vowed to take action against creators who spread “false information” about Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis.

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