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Skiff launches new interface for publishing docs, wikis, and pages

Skiff, the privacy-focused workspace that offers end-to-end encrypted email, calendar, documents, and files, has launched Skiff Pages.

The new interface for users to publish documents and pages directly from Skiff – which started as a Google Docs alternative – joins Skiff Mail and Skiff Drive, launched last year.

The company’s site explains that notes, wikis, articles, blogs, or job boards can be published publicly or privately from any Skiff Page.

Clicking the “publish” button will create an end-to-end encrypted link, which is sharable both with Skiff users and everybody else on the internet.

Public Pages are said to be particularly useful to teams for sharing newsletters, wikis, job boards, and other documents since they also publish all subpages.

Each of Skiff’s web platforms has the “publish” button in the top right corner, and when a document is published, the URL changes to the public URL for the Page in question.

This URL can then be shared with anyone. The blog post notes that all links have unique encryption keys. Skiff says that its security model seeks to cover documents regardless of type, with end-to-end encryption, in a scalable way with emphasis on decentralized collaboration and communication.

Skiff promises that thanks to its model, all information – the content of documents, emails, but also their titles – remains private and accessible by creators and recipients only, leaving all third parties out.

Skiff is available for free with unlimited pages, desktop, tablet, and mobile access, IPFS support, and full-text search. The Pro tier costs $8 per month and adds 100 GB of storage, 10 aliases, and custom domains to the features already available to free users.

There is also the $12 Business plan per user per month, with all the Pro options, plus an upgrade to 1 TB storage and 15 aliases, and advanced admin features.

These paid features are available on Skiff Pages, and the number of pages is unlimited (including for Free users). The pages are accessible both on the desktop and mobile – this can be done with any web browser, dedicated Skiff Pages, or Drive mobile apps.

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