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Superintelligence Is Positioned As A Free Speech Version Of ChatGPT

An AI researcher has developed an AI chatbot, like ChatGPT, that aims to not have political bias. According to Arvin Bhangu, his AI chatbot, Superintelligence, supports free speech.

Bhangu noted that ChatGPT is more likely to refuse answering a query that would appear to support conservatives.

“There’s a lot of political biases. We’ve seen where you can ask it give me 10 things Joe Biden has done well and give me 10 things Donald Trump has done well and it refuses to give quality answers for Donald Trump,” Bhangu said to Fox. “Superintelligence is much more in line with the freedom to ask any type of question, so it’s much more in line with the First Amendment than ChatGPT. No biases, no guardrails, no censorship.”

Some believe it is not possible to develop a generative AI tool that is unbiased.

“Unfortunately, it is very hard to deal with this from a coding standpoint. It is very hard to prevent bias from happening,” the global chief information security officer at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Flavio Villanustre said.

However, Bhangu believes that it is possible to develop a chatbot that can provide true and unbiased answers.

“Presenting an answer to the user and letting them determine what is right and wrong is a much better approach than trying to filter and trying to police the internet,” he said in an interview with Fox News.

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