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UK Vicar Faces Investigation For Calling Transgender Archdeacon a “Bloke”

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In the UK, investigations are underway into Reverend Brett Murphy, a former vicar, who voiced strong criticism in a video post about the Church of England’s choice of a transgender person as an archdeacon. The incident centers around Murphy’s comment that the appointed archdeacon, Rev Rachel Mann, is “biologically a bloke” and revolves around the CofE’s alleged placement of an activist in a high-ranking position.

“Bloke” is a colloquial British term for “man.”

Murphy had stepped down from his role earlier in the year.

This posting of the video is now under investigation, and The Telegraph reports that the reverend could face official censure due to his remarks.

Reverend Brett Murphy

Murphy speculates in the video whether Rev Mann’s placement was strategic, suggesting a possible preparation for the Rev to become the first transgender bishop in the Church.

In response to the prospective punishments, which include a lifelong annotation on his clerical record and perpetual exclusion from working in the Church of England, Murphy rebuts the Church’s actions and decisions as validating and reinforcing the very concerns he raised in his original vlog.

Murphy insists his actions were part of his commitment to spreading the Gospel and stands unapologetic for his stance.

By reopening his case, Murphy believes that the Church of England is striving to suppress and ostracize any dissident voice that fails to celebrate facets of LGBT ideology.

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