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UN Human Rights Chief Criticizes Elon Musk For Pushing Back Against ADL Censorship Demands

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The UN human rights chief Volker Turk rallied against criticism of attempts by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to suppress online speech, particularly on X.

Turk stepped up his fervent appeal on Wednesday, leveling sharp criticism at tech tycoon Elon Musk, who has rebranded Twitter as X, demanding a stauncher response to rampaging so-called “hate speech.”

Turk expressed concern over the criticism leveled against the ADL after the group campaigned for advertisers to pause spending on the platform.

Turk alluded to Musk’s criticism of the ADL’s tactics without explicitly dropping names, although it was clear he placed Musk’s platform X near the heart of his grievance.

Musk, who has painted the ADL in a harsh light, accusing it of pushing baseless claims which have frightened advertisers and inflicted financial damage, is currently in the eye of the media.

Turk made no bones about drawing attention to this matter, as he urged online media behemoths to step up the crackdown on the blitzkrieg of “offensive” language and “disinformation.”

Transparency over policies dealing with “hate speech,” their effective implementation, and accessible ways for average users to report such abuse were among Turk’s key demands.

“Social media platforms have played a terrible role in metastasizing of hatred from limited backwaters into multi-current mainstream trends,” he complained.

Turk demanded that social media platforms increase transparency about their hate speech policy.

“And they must much more effectively put these policies into practice, including by ensuring that people can report hate speech easily and that those reports will swiftly lead to appropriate action,” he added.

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