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Franklin MC Scarf
Franklin MC ScarfFounder, Earth Repair Foundation
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Matt has made powerful contributions in building our foundations website at Working with Matt for me is a wonderful and magical experience. His skills with digital art are awesome and he's a brilliant communicator and co-operator.
Loucinda McCorry
Loucinda McCorryMaster Chandler, Exellia Candles
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Matt was a joy to work with on my website build. As a small business it was my first time to go through this process, and Matt's patience and guidance was incredible. He was so welcoming of all my ideas and feedback, and I was totally involved throughout , which gave me great confidence in the final product. The after care has also been great- I can contact Matt with anything and he responds so quickly. I will absolutely be staying with Matt as my business and website evolve and would highly recommend him for a great product and service at a really competitive price.
Kylie Stephens
Kylie StephensMaster Chandler, Sul Naso Luxury Candles
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OMG I really don’t know what I’d have done if I hadn’t found Data Fidelity. I had Matt build my website for me . I’m beyond happy with his work, dedication and kindness. Nothing ever seems too much trouble, I’ve had to call on them countless times over the past 12 months to fix something that I’ve played around with and the problems have been fixed almost immediately. I’m forever thankful that i found them as they go above and beyond to help me navigate my site and are so reasonably priced. I have recommended them to so many people. Thank you Data Fidelity.
Matt Eva
Matt EvaLead Developer, Masters Of Digital
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We have been working with Matt Stagg from Data Fidelity for just over 12 months now. Matt has assisted us with many WordPress dev projects, and no matter the task at hand, he is always able to find a solution. His communication is prompt, and dealing directly with a developer makes the process a breeze. For anyone looking to hire a WordPress developer, I highly recommend Matt.
Julia Williamson
Julia WilliamsonFounder, Sing To Thrive
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It was a huge leap of faith to shift my business of 15 years over to Data Fidelity and it turned out to be one of the best moves I have made for the successful running of Sing to Thrive. My site is faster, my data is safer and Matt's service is sooooo friendly, helpful and thorough. I feel completely taken care of by a computer guru nerd (sorry Matt) that just knows his stuff. Thank you.

100% Homegrown Australian Websites

To ensure that all customer data is governed by the National Data Breach (NDB) scheme.  The scheme protects consumer data by ensuring that all data is governed by Australian law, by ensuring that all data is hosted within Australian borders. We guarantee data is within Australia for a number of reasons: 

  • Australian hosted websites mean Australian jobs, Australian economic growth and a greater Australian contribution to the ICT global talent pool 
  • Australian hosted data means superior speed when accessing websites or data
  • Australian built blockchains mean national recognition for adopting new technologies

100% Sovereignty over digital information

Our goal with data sovereignty is aligned with our belief that if your information is online, that information is owned wholly by the individuals whos personal information is recorded. 

Whether your data is self-hosted on premise, or located within a data center, we ensure that all systems we build, modify or recommend maintain sovereignty for the information which is stored on the systems.

All managed services offered through Data Fidelity via VentraIP are 100% Sovereign.

Matt Stagg, Founder & Lead Developer

Matt is the lead Developer, Designer & Database Architect for projects through Data Fidelity.

Since 2016 has been working in the Data & Web space, and full-time since 2020.

Matt started his IT journey in 2016 building quote estimating tools, DISC profiling systems and web-published spreadsheets in a series of administrative roles. Beginning his studies in 2017 studying Bachelor of Applied IT encompassing all broad information & communication technology skills from PC components through to mission-critical system methodologies, and planning hyper-redundancies with data management and delivery.

His passion for data came from the discovery that data itself has an intrinsic, real-life value, and that in today’s world, something as small as a byte of data has the power to change the world; and that most people overlook the small stuff. Matt can see and understand the data in everything digital we use such as streaming services, wifi modems, even regular TV or cellular networks.

While there are quite a few people who know how to build a basic website in 2021, most “website builders” cannot run an SQL query, or build a database itself to either complement an existing website framework, or build an entirely new framework. Such systems with effective planning and developing can become very powerful assets to industry; something Matt has a knack for delivering.

In his spare time when he is not building Australian websites, Matt enjoys spending time with his three kids; Indi, Wyatt & Willow. Because Matt is born & raised in Australia, he is fascinated with our cultural history and national identity. This culminates in hobbies such as numismatics and rare Australiana book collecting. 

The concept of Data Fidelity was first thought of when Matt was introduced to Bitcoin in 2011; The idea that a technology could be self-governing and self-regulating, and could be applied to something so critical to society such as currency, interested Matt and he wanted to learn more about the potential of technology and what it can do for the world. It also made Matt realise that technology can either be the best, or the worst thing to happen to our society, our lives and the environment. The outcome is dependent on how educated we are on what we are using, which is why Data Fidelity recommends for all to read the GNU Philosophy.

Prior to his formal education, Matt was a volunteer for the IBM Call For Code which brought innovation through technology to improve under-developed countries. From Call For Code, shortly thereafter another IBM project was launched, Hyperledger, which Matt was able to beta-test running in a Kubernetes cluster. Hyperledger was a use case of blockchain technology directly applied to industry and supply-chain management without any financial or token value, but its value rather was its store of data pertaining to a supply chain. Currently, Matt is a contributing member to the Global Reporting Institude (GRI) making recommendations as part of a global think tank on what global technology standards should be for all internet-connected devices.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When developing Australian websites, Data Fidelity acknowledges the importance of corporate social responsibility. Part of our contribution to our country, helping with enacting change. We are active members of the global GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) community, providing feedback on future policies and recommendations for the information & communications technology industry.

Local Products & Services

Keeping all Australian websites hosted in local data centers, employing Australians. This also guarantees a much speedier site loading time, as well as better access to data and knowledge of data center network topology. All distributors are local, Australian organisations.

Equal Opportunity

When engaging additional businesses to offer products & services Data Fidelity operates exclusively with equal opportunity employers which are Australian owned and operated, or at the very least, employing Australians for their web & development projects.

Contact Data Fidelity

Send us a quick message, and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. 

Alternatively, feel free to use our complimentary Quote Tool service to find our how much a new website will cost you today.

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