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Our Values

Fundamental rules to self-govern all projects.

Data Sovereignty

More than just simply finding Google alternatives, much of our philosophy comes from that of the GNU Philosophy, and W3C. We believe that a digital ecosystem will find its potential based on its users innovation, and therefore we encourage anyone and everyone to consider the possibilities that digital systems can bring to everyone. Our Lead Developer governs all projects with the below self-assigned values.

Google Alternatives

Free Speech

We believe that information should be free and accessible to all, free from censorship. We may not agree with all projects goals or ambitions, however we do believe they have the right to publication.

We believe that either all speech is free, or no speech is free. Quoting Dale Carnegie, “A man who is forced against his will is of the same opinion still”. Being challenged opens the door to more experience and knowledge, and we believe the outcome of discourse is a better educated and prepared community for all.

Google Alternatives

Ownership Of Data

We believe in the right to absolute ownership of data, that all people who use the internet and its resources have rightful ownership and agency over their digital information.

Digital information refers to all potential identifiers of a person on the internet; this includes images, emails, posts, profiles, databases, online queries or IP addresses. Absolutely anything that can identify a person online, should be owned by that person.

Google Alternatives

Open Tech > Big Tech

We believe that Big Tech is antithetical to the original intention of the internet, and is a net loss to the mental health of societies globally. We believe that technology is not to blame but the large organisations recommending their technologies. We believe that Google alternatives, Facebook alternatives, Apple alternatives all hold merit and real potential, but require more people to be educated on how to use and find alternate technologies.

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