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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Using Australian Cloud Hosting, and as part of most organisations ongoing use of software, we have the optional service of setting up document management & safe, secure cloud storage for critical data. 

Australian Cloud Hosting

Google Gsuite is Googles document management suite for small to medium businesses using Googles Australian Cloud Hosting system. Listed as Google’s most popular products:

Gmail; for day to day email processing.

Gdrive; for document storage. Gdrive can be synced to PCs as a network drive, or can be access via web browser.

Calendar; for arranging day to day activities.

Docs; for regular document creation and processing.

Sheets; is used to create formula spreadsheets; can also be used as a backend for spreadsheets and calculations to be embedded in webpages.

Slides; when presentations are required for workplaces.

Forms; can be used for collecting data, can have web apps built from forms for teams, or the general public.

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Australian Cloud Hosting

Microsoft Office has been a staple in workplaces since the 1983, however has greatly evolved to become the most powerful document processing suite available today. Although Microsoft Office functions are fairly well-known in 2020, very few have extensive knowledge on just how much documents and information can be manipulated in Microsoft Office, both online and offline.

Word; for regular day to day document creation and processing.

Excel; is used for online and offline spreadsheets, including complex formulas.

PowerPoint; used for presentation documents.

Outlook; is a day to day email processor; can be used for both cloud and local emails, using both Post office protocol (POP3), or internet message access protocol (IMAP) emails.

OneNote; used for form creation for gathering data.

Publisher; used for desktop publishing of .pub documents.

OneDrive; is used for stable & secure cloud storage of documents.

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