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What To Do After Installing Fedora 38 Made Simple

This is our traditional tutorial, tips and tricks for computer users who finished Fedora Workstation 38 installation. 

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1. Take Care of Software

First, connect your Fedora Workstation to the internet. If it didn’t work, give Fedora internet access through USB tethering from your smartphone. Once you have internet access, you can add up to tens of thousands of applications gratis through Software.

Then run Software -> go to Updates section on top -> click Download -> system will automatically take care of everything and please remember this requires a lot of internet access.

If you cannot do that (e.g. when the internet is limited), simply connect Fedora to the internet and watch the download process via System Monitor until it’s finished as it will be done automatically anyway.

2. Enable Third-Party Repositories (RPM Fusion and Copr)

There is RPM Fusion, a third-party repository of software for Fedora that offers a lot of software needed by normal users (almost comparable to PPA to Ubuntu users). It provides free and nonfree repositories, and here we add the free one: go to -> visit Configuration page -> download the package for Fedora 38 in RPM format -> the package file downloaded -> open it by double-clicking -> Software will show and guide you to install it -> RPM Fusion is ready. Below is our Fedora showing RPM Fusion front page and our smartphone visible, controllable on the desktop thanks to Screen Copy installed from Copr.

There is also Copr, another user-contributed repo for Fedora which contains many, many software needed in our daily life. Usually, very similar to PPA, Copr is enabled per one application. For example, if you want to control your smartphone visually by clicks on Fedora, like above, you will install Screen Copy (scrcpy) from Copr like below:

$ sudo dnf install scrcpy
$ sudo dnf copr enable zeno/scrcpy

3. Enable Multimedia Player

You might be surprised, but Fedora does not play your MP3 and MP4 unless you install additional software. To enable it, simply play an MP4 video file -> Videos will run -> a message will show instead of the video -> click Install button -> follow everything after it -> now you can play MP4 video. Do the same with the MP3 and whatever multimedia format you have, if any.  Note that this requires RPM Fusion. Below is a video of pancake cooking recipe playing on Fedora.

4. Enable Video Thumbnails

You might feel it unpleasant if thumbnails of video files are not visible on Files (especially if you have prior experiences with other OS). This is important. Below is an example of Files showing thumbnails of various pudding recipe videos just normally.  Please note that this also requires RPM Fusion.

To enable it, please do the following using Terminal:

$ sudo dnf install ffmpegthumbnailer
$ rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails/fail/gnome-thumbnail-factory/*
$ nautilus

5. Little but Important Settings


Finally, they are little but important suggestions for your daily computing activities. 

Touchpad setup. Go to Settings -> Mouse & Touchpad -> Touchpad section -> enable touchpad -> disable Natural Scrolling -> that’s it.

Window switcher for normal persons (meaning, does not group same apps). Install Coverflow Alt+Tab Extension to your Fedora system. See first screenshot above? That’s it.

Maximize & minimize buttons. Install GNOME Tweaks -> go to Window Titlebars -> enable Maximize -> enable Minimize -> done. Noticed all screenshots in this tutorial? That’s right! Ours have the-three-buttons we have accustomed to.

Associate Ctrl+Alt+T with Terminal. Go to Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> View and Customize -> Custom Shortcuts -> click plus button -> fill the command with ‘gnome-terminal’ -> set the keys to Ctrl+Alt+T -> name it and click OK.


This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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