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6 of the Best Social Media Sites for SEO

Your social media platforms have the ability to really ramp up your rankings — and, in turn, your business goals. Do you know the best social media sites for SEO? With a concerted strategy, dynamic content, and persistence, you can help your business outcompete and truly thrive for the long haul.

First, it is important to understand how SEO impacts social networks. If you stay active (and stay on point) on social media, there are a number of benefits.

Social Media Sites Rank High in Searches

Social media sites typically come up at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Plus, many people will choose to go to a brand/company’s social media pages before they go to the website because it is a more personal experience. Here, they can get an idea of what the brand’s personality is really about and if it fits their needs and likes. If you stay relevant and on-brand with your posts on various social media platforms, the links will become more and more attractive.


Backlinks will be produced when you provide links on your posts. These are links that are inbound to your website and created as a redirect to the site. The more clicks you get on these backlinks, the higher your page will rank on the SERP.

An Increase in Your Website Traffic

Growing your audience on social media platforms is directly correlated with an increase in traffic to your website. It’s about visibility and motivating the users to visit your site with quality, relevant social media content. The more visits you get to your site, the greater your rankings will be.

Greater Influence

Throughout your social media, the number of likes, shares, follows, and comments are a statement of your brand authority. Having high engagement and good social media metrics presents you as an influencer in your industry. The more that you have — the more significant the influence. Brand authority = clicks, clicks, and more clicks…

With this information, it is easy to see the connection between social media and SEO — leading to higher rankings to drive business goals.

Let’s now explore six of the best social media sites for SEO:

Assist Your SEO with these Top Social Media Sites

1. YouTube

Did you know that YouTube has more than 2 billion active monthly users? If you don’t have your own channel, it’s time to get one. Video is one of the most effective ways to attract people to your brand. Be authentic, creative, and dynamic — and be strategic with your titles and descriptions. With more than 20 billion shorts alone watched every day, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the net behind its owner Google.

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2. Twitter

Twitter is also one of the best social media sites for SEO. Though it’s often used for news and politics, its power in branding and business development can’t be denied. Be strategic with your hashtags and tweet often. Don’t forget to include links! Draw your viewers in with snappy content and visuals and then lead them to new blogs, products, and special offers.

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3. Facebook

Facebook continues to be powerful all over the world. With more than 1.71 billion monthly users, the social media platform is ripe for SEO. Be attentive to your company page and find and nourish your best promoters on the platform. Facebook is a great lead generator, so always stay on brand and use targeted keywords in your posts. Make sure to cross-post videos you produce and publish on your YouTube account as well.

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4. Instagram

If your products present really well in the visual arena, Instagram is a perfect place to showcase them. The fashion and beauty industries are very successful here of course, but there is plenty of room for many other types too. From food to pet products and children’s toys to home décor, Instagram’s branding possibilities present an opportunity for marketing departments to truly shine. Remember to place a new link in the bio that goes back to your website to highlight particular products and special events. This will help to elevate your rankings too. And of course – remember hashtags!

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5. LinkedIn

This professional site is growing in power all over the globe — and not just for job seekers. The B2B business is booming. With more than 500 million users, LinkedIn is certainly one of the best social media sites for SEO. Make your company pages descriptive, relevant, and frequently posted on. LinkedIn lets you use hashtags with posts as well.

It’s a wonderful networking site that is excellent at generating leads and converting sales. Approach it with thoughtfulness though, and don’t inundate new connections with solicitations. It’s bad form.

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6. Pinterest

Pinterest is another visually-focused platform that has a ton of users — more than 175 million. Even though it is not up to the numbers of some of the others, the big takeaway here is that many people go there specifically for the purpose of making purchase decisions (~70%!). From small-scale makers to high-profile brands, Pinterest is a very valuable tool to use to increase your audience, ramp up your rankings, and stimulate sales.



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Using the Power of Social Media for SEO

When you are developing a comprehensive social media strategy, it is essential to have SEO in mind when creating content for your posts and tweets. Ignore SEO at your peril. Start out by reviewing your current strategy and content and analyze your most popular platforms and posts. Discover areas of opportunity to connect and increase your relevancy and engagement.

The SEO capability with these social networks is enormous. If you are relying on just one or two social media sites, reevaluate your strategy — you could be missing prime opportunities to grow your audience, increase your brand influence, and stimulate sales.

By utilizing the power of six of the best social media sites for SEO, your rankings can rocket past your competitors.

Do you still have questions or want assistance? Reach out to Data Fidelity today to learn about our SEO services and social media marketing services.

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