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Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Receives Equity Stake in Growing Video Platform Rumble

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Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy now has a part-ownership stake in the video platform Rumble, as part of a deal to bring the Barstool Sports network to the platform.

The announcement was made on the Patrick David Bet Podcast by Rumble CEO Chis Pavlovski.

Under the leadership of Dave Portnoy, the sports, lifestyle and entertainment powerhouse brand, Barstool Sports, set Monday as the date to announce the move of its online video content to Rumble.

This decision has provided Rumble with a significant boost, notably causing its stock to rise sharply.

The abundance of video content that Barstool will shift to Rumble includes live streams and will serve to widen Rumble’s audience.

Barstool has also committed to actively advertising Rumble to its vast and continuously expanding audience, which experienced a growth surge of 194% over the last three years and racked up 1.6 billion podcast downloads.

Portnoy commended Rumble’s dedication to sports and diversification of audiences and saw the potential of Barstool to enable Rumble’s rise to the pinnacle of video, cloud and live-streaming platforms.

“I’m excited about Rumble’s commitment to sports and broadening audiences,” Portnoy said. “With the power of Barstool Sports, we are going to help Rumble be the top player in the video, cloud and live-streaming space.”

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