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BLM Clips Are Removed From Jason Aldean Music Video Over Copyright Issues

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This article has been updated to reflect that the music video was edited over copyright issues. The original version of this article stated that the reason for the editing was unknown. 

In an unexpected turn of events, country music star Jason Aldean, or at least his team, has edited his music video “Try That in a Small Town.”

The original footage showcased six seconds of violent scenes from a Black Lives Matter riot.

However, these contentious seconds have now been removed due the fact that Aldean didn’t get permission from Fox to use the clips, TMZ reported.

The footage, originally captured by Fox 5 Atlanta during the BLM rally, was quietly excised from the music video without any public acknowledgment.

Jason Aldean’s decision has sparked speculation, particularly given the vehement backlash received by the country crooner upon the release of the music video. Critics were up in arms, accusing Aldean of launching an attack on the Black Lives Matter movement, an accusation he has persistently refuted. Many people called for the video to be removed from online platforms and Country Music Television complied with the requests.

Aldean has remained staunchly committed, confirming to fans that the song is neither an assault on BLM nor racially discriminatory in any sense.

Despite the wave of controversy that swept through following the release of the music video, Aldean’s song is soaring up the charts.

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