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Devuan GNU+Linux 5 “Daedalus” Released with Download Links, Torrents and Mirrors

Devuan GNU+Linux releases version 5 codenamed “Daedalus” on Tuesday, 15 August 2023. It is based on Debian 12 “Bookworm” and coincidentally released close to Debian’s thirtieth birthday. We strongly recommend to download via torrent instead of regular links –if you can– because Devuan torrent shows all choices in one place to you and you can just pick which one you wish. Congratulations to Devuan Community and happy downloading!


About Devuan


Devuan is a variation of Debian GNU/Linux full distribution without systemd technologies developed in collaboration by Foundation Netherlands and Veteran Unix Admins Australia. Devuan Project was started in 2014 and its first OS release was version Jessie 1.0 in 2017. In these modern days, Devuan is one among a few operating systems which still continue supporting older PC architecture also known as i386 or 32-bit. What makes Devuan unique is its commitment to make all free software as a whole work without systemd (they call it init freedom), its official name GNU+Linux, its release name system follows planetary naming, the encouragement to create new distros through Devuan SDK and the special package management tech called Amprolla.

Download Devuan 5


All editions of Devuan 5 “Daedalus” are divided into five choices namely desktop-live, netinstall, server, desktop-install and minimal-live which each one is divided further by i386 and amd64 (also known as PC 32-bit and PC 64-bit). Below are direct download (also known as regular) links of them we picked out from mirror server number one of Devuan. If you don’t know which one to pick, simply select the first one below.

desktop-live [ i386 ] [ amd64 ]

netinstall [ i386 ] [ amd64 ]  

server [ i386 ] [ amd64 ] [ remaining_cds ]

desktop-installer [ i386 ] [ amd64 ]

minimal-live [ i386 ] [amd64


Download Devuan 5 Torrent


All editions of Devuan 5 “Daedalus” can be downloaded collectively as well as selectively (meaning you can pick only one among all choices) via torrent method aside from regular method above. We recommend this method for everyone. 


devuan_daedalus [torrent



Devuan 5 “Daedalus” provides worldwide mirrors or download servers thanks to the support from multiple companies and community. If your progress is slow using one of the links above, try to use alternative link from mirrors below. 






United States

United States



After downloading a copy of an ISO image file of Devuan, you are advised to compare the SHA256SUM value of your copy with SHA256SUM value of the official release. If the value matches the original, then your copy is okay. Otherwise, it is corrupted and you should re-download it.  

87b9fec4d1e0cc9872c0f3fead82bfe03dc38af1f564ea43a1f7386414c2bdf8 devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_amd64_desktop-live.iso
a8d354cbf8bc7137dad4734d508a2f3dcfe9d87132f01d4ae14955b6e770d86a devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_i386_desktop-live.iso
0f49178c7a2c319336ec5937c0200572fceffbfd7bdfbc2dc52ba7bb608d50aa devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_amd64_cd2.iso
1c679e761ac5b4c7a5ef57699b80473db060946896c53763e9917d12ccc8e78e devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_amd64_cd3.iso
66dd939a260793652b89fe6c69857647a278b0032154f345bd6cc1ce3ffedcab devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_amd64_cd4.iso
4cd9dd94d49f71dbaa721b5c15450c4bb52b303320c99868428f49d779cfde18 devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_amd64_desktop.iso
34003ad127caf1b9ce45c44ef56b4f42d02df517dd51490474d3ec5b5d6d1513 devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_amd64_netinstall.iso
30b46a37e01cd10e8478e019b770d12c62fcb73baa081bd2f4c73c917b7365dc devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_amd64_pool1.iso
22500b82584d99de81ba7e037b2e95442d5ac92c891e751b2fbab91fddedda77 devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_amd64_server.iso
3b1030aaa37633c07e354d0bccc4a13425f007733a18c45f9570e08c8932e647 devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_i386_cd2.iso
f6107b1b3924fc1a633d1827e2a58eace6845051c1aa1fb8e0273a5f12712133 devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_i386_cd3.iso
22d5df97a16a13b6473e2a4ae9fcd1bd3cb0dc4231d4c0c5c382051de8c0ae0d devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_i386_cd4.iso
a1ab3d10d0e356088ebeaf4c09ffdcbca6ede88c32b01286c869190d38eede0b devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_i386_desktop.iso
75269c8f40ff315f72c6b420b3f1893281aa03f0aab74fb5baa7df23e6fafca7 devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_i386_netinstall.iso
19a564a31b030aba5b657bff5157f2a88eff01d2d866f67b3c0bc4a771438ecc devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_i386_pool1.iso
27c4f78be32fcfeaf5c58e1f83a2494c5056eaf48a7cd03c4baf5387617b5f3e devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_i386_server.iso
1f1fc3431af3b8c2d9243b8f7c0961d9cb0f7594a50ecf4854ec3e04d000b3d4 devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_amd64_minimal-live.iso
5edc569b07e6a276293995bc1828b0be5a2c4f95d8e00bfb4e8fdb70c8d81f4b devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_i386_minimal-live.iso

Happy downloading!



Get Devuan GNU+Linux 5 Daedalus

Release Announcement

Release Notes

Daedalus on Distrowatch

Devuan on Wikipedia 



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