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Download Fedora 38 Full Editions (Workstation, Server, IoT Included)

The thirty eighth release of Fedora GNU/Linux is here. It is released on Tuesday, 18 April 2023 or a few days earlier than Ubuntu Lunar Lobster release date. It is available in a lot of editions, mainly: Workstation, Server, IoT, Cloud and many more. We make a summary of the downloads for you below to mention only editions we believe most readers will be interested to try (and links to find the rest). Finally, congratulations to all computer users and thank you to Fedora developers. Happy downloading!

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About Fedora 


Fedora, originated from Hawaii, United States, is a computer operating system and GNU/Linux distribution parent to Red Hat Enterprise OS. It is famous for its leadership in technological advancement and for its abundance on hardware platform supports as well as number of editions it offers. It runs on desktop, laptop, server, IoT devices, as well as virtual machines and advanced server systems (like AWS Cloud) and latest bleeding edge machines like IBM POWER. It is developed in public by the community via the internet and also real life conferences around the world. Visit the website at

Fedora Editions

We explain Fedora editions as the following. Please note that it is a little bit different to Ubuntu and The Official Flavors.

– Workstation: desktop edition.

– Server: standard server edition.

– IoT: command line based Raspberry-pi-like embedded edition.

– Cloud: advanced server or Virtual Machine Image edition.

New Download Page

The old download web page was and the new one now is It got a refresh to be clearer and better now. Please refer to this page if you need more information.

Fedora 38 Workstation

Fedora Workstation is the desktop edition. It is powered with GNOME desktop environment, LibreOffice and DNF. We show only x86_64 (PC 64-bit) option here. Download this if you do not know everything else.

Download: Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-38-1.6.iso

Fedora 38 Server

Fedora Server is the standard server edition. It is command line interface (CLI) based like any other server operating system. We show only x86_64 (PC 64-bit) option here. Download this if you plan to empower your server or even your PC as one.

Download: Fedora-Server-dvd-x86_64-38-1.6.iso

Fedora 38 IoT

Fedora IoT (short for Internet of Things) is a lightweight operating system without desktop environment for devices like Raspberry Pi. It is available in 4 different architecture options, but we only show one of them here.

Download: Fedora-IoT-ostree-38.20230414.1-20230414.1.x86_64.iso


Fedora Cloud is the edition for use in Virtual Machines or advanced server setup like Amazon AWS public/private services. It is available in 4 architecture options, with even more selection of platforms. 



These are SHA256SUMs from ISO images mentioned above collected from Fedora 38 official download page. You should verify each of ISO image file you downloaded to match the official SHA256SUM, otherwise it is not valid and you should re-download it.

SHA256 (Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-38-1.6.iso) = 7a444a2e19012023bf0b015ae30135bafc5fd20f4f333310d42b118745093992

SHA256 (Fedora-Server-dvd-x86_64-38-1.6.iso) = 66b52d7cb39386644cd740930b0bef0a5a2f2be569328fef6b1f9b3679fdc54d

(Fedora-IoT-ostree-38.20230414.1-20230414.1.x86_64.iso) =

Other Downloads

Fedora 38 offers even more editions namely:

– Immutable Desktop (3 editions) Silverblue, Kinoite and Sericea

– Spins (10 editions)

– Labs (12 editions)

– Torrents (all editions)


That can be selected and downloaded from -> top menu -> Get Fedora -> page shows them all or optionally bottom of the page -> there are columns of The Editions.




Fedora 38 Announcement

Fedora 38 Release Notes

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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