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Best Way to Exit Big Tech in 2023

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, concerns about data privacy, security, and dependence on big tech companies have prompted many individuals and businesses to consider alternative solutions. If you find yourself wanting to regain control over your data and reduce reliance on major tech corporations, you’re not alone. This blog post will explore the best way to exit big tech in 2023, empowering you to reclaim ownership of your digital life. We’ll delve into the benefits of self-hosted solutions for data storage, file sharing, accounting, email, and productivity tools.

Exit Big Tech: Embracing Self-Hosted Data

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Take charge of your data, eliminating third-party involvement with sovereign, self-hosted data solutions. By hosting your data on private servers or local infrastructure, you can shield sensitive, personal information from potential breaches and unauthorized access. This level of autonomy empowers you to establish your security protocols, safeguarding your data from exploitation.

Self-Hosted File Sharing for Enhanced Collaboration

The need for seamless collaboration stays paramount in cutting-edge interconnected world. As mentioned in our book, The Internet & You, Adopting self-hosted document sharing offerings allows you to securely share and collaborate on files inside your personal network. Enjoy complete data privacy, at the same time as boosting productivity with full control over accessibility and sharing settings.

Taking Charge with Akaunting: The Self-Hosted Accounting Solution

Akaunting is a free, and effective self-hosted accounting software program that ensures the maximum privacy for your financial records. With Akaunting, no longer are there to issues regarding third-party access for your organisations financial data, including a customizable accounting solution tailored on your commercial enterprise wishes. Akaunting also published their source code free and accessible on Github, should you ever require complete bespoke customisation for your accounting system, as well as checking the latest version is stable and secure. Take returned control of your economic information with Akaunting.

Exit big tech in 2023: Self-Hosted Email Services with Postfix

Email is a critical communication tool, and major email providers might compromise user privacy. Choose Postfix, a reliable self-hosted email system, for secure and private communication. Postfix offers robust security features, ensuring that only authorized users can access your emails. With self-hosted email, you can avoid targeted ads, third-party access and data mining, keeping your communication well and truly private.

Nextcloud: The Self-Hosted Productivity Solution

Nextcloud provides a suite of self-hosted productivity tools that boost efficiency while giving you full control over your data. From project management to note-taking applications, Nextcloud’s range of self-hosted solutions enables customization and enhanced productivity. In addition to this, Nextcloud includes a companion app to ensure mobile devices have self-hosted backup, or alternatively offering a SaaS option for a white-labeled, branded Nextcloud solution. Much like other self-hosted alternatives, Nextcloud publishes their source code on Github for any users to check the security and robustness of the source code.

Embarking on the journey to exit big tech in 2023 grants you the power of data ownership and privacy. Embrace self-hosted data storage, file sharing, accounting software, email services, and productivity tools to regain control of your digital life. Seize the opportunity for independence, explore the recommended external links, and take charge of your online experience.

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