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Germany’s state-backed media partners on project to curb online “disinformation”

Germany’s public broadcaster ZDF is partnering with public broadcasters from Belgium (RTBF), Canada (CBC), and Switzerland (SRG SSR) to develop online-based solutions to encourage “democratic discourse” and civic engagement away from “disinformation” and “hate.”

The “Public Spaces Incubator” project aims at developing and testing the building blocks for “respectful” and open online discussions.

“Democracy thrives on an open and fair dialogue in society. We must not leave that to the major American platforms,” said Dr. Norbert Himmler, ZDF’s director.

“The ‘Public Spaces Incubator’ project is intended to show ways in which public broadcasting can create independent and fact-based communication spaces in the digital world can build. Our common goal is to counter the increase in hatred, violence, propaganda, and defamation on social media with a public service alternative.”

Nonprofit organization New_Public is collaborating with the four broadcasters in the project. The organization claims to work with researchers, communities, and designers to develop healthy public digital spaces. Its co-founder, Eli Pariser is the writer of the book, “The Filter Bubble: How we are being incapacitated on the internet.”

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