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Google Accused of Censoring Magazine’s Coverage of Islamic Terrorism

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In an account from Front Page Magazine, Google has been accused of platform shunning due to the site’s coverage of Islamic terrorism.

Daniel Greenfield, a journalist with the David Horowitz Freedom Center, shared in the center’s leading publication about Google AdSense’s exceptionally pointed rejection of the Center’s bid for its ad services. Allegedly, Google referred to a Front Page report that delved into a terror attack and the extremist Islamic ideologies of the attackers as grounds for rejecting the application. Greenfield wrote that Google “told us what we could do to make our way into the good graces of the company that dominates online search and advertising, controlling what much of the country and the world sees.”

According to Greenfield, Google initially charged Front Page with consistently posting “dangerous or derogatory content.”

From Front Page Mag:

“The article, ‘Remember The San Bernardino Fourteen’ by Lloyd Billingsley, like a lot of our articles, is blocked in Google Search. The Front Page article doesn’t come up when you type in its name. It doesn’t even appear when you do a site search for the exact title in quotation marks that has been entirely limited to the Front Page Magazine site. That means that Google likely specifically excluded it. And it’s far from the only one of our articles banned by Google.”

In response to this, Greenfield chastised Google for its censorship.

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