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Mike Tyson Posts Censored Interview With RFK JR. On Rumble After YouTube Censorship

In a bold move against YouTube’s content censorship, Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion, has taken the gloves off. Tyson’s “Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson” posted an interview with US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Rumble, a growing video-sharing platform that respects free speech, after tech giant YouTube removed the original video.

Context: YouTube took down a podcast interview between Tyson and Kennedy that had been on the platform since 2020. The takedown happened this month and was noticed by video journalist Matt Orfalea. Additionally, another interview featuring Kennedy, this time with comedian Theo Von, vanished from YouTube around the same period.

The Numbers: The Tyson-Kennedy podcast boasted nearly 500,000 views, and the Von-Kennedy interview racked up almost 250,000. The removal highlights the content’s popularity and brings content regulation policies and freedom of speech into the spotlight.

YouTube’s Take: The video giant cited a violation of its community guidelines as the trigger for the takedown but remained mum on specifics. This ambiguity has stirred up speculations among onlookers trying to piece together the puzzle behind the removal.

The Timing and the Theories: The clock ticks curiously. The videos have been gathering dust on YouTube for nearly three years without repercussions. The takedown coincides with Kennedy’s presidential run for 2024, sparking whispers of political motives. Another theory ties the removal to YouTube’s stance against COVID-19 “misinformation.” However, the timing remains unexplained, considering the videos were published during the pandemic’s peak.

Kennedy’s Claim: In his talk with Tyson, Kennedy dropped a bombshell, claiming the CIA had a hand in his father’s assassination. This adds another twist in the tale of possible reasons for the video takedown.

Switching Rings: Tyson’s jab at YouTube’s censorship takes the form of a migration to Rumble. Rumble is emerging as a haven for creators looking for less stringent content policies. Tyson’s move underlines a simmering trend among creators to seek refuge outside the clutches of traditional social media behemoths.

Bigger Picture: Tyson throwing down the gauntlet marks a chapter in the tome of the ongoing global dialogue on digital censorship and the monopolistic might of tech juggernauts like YouTube. Big names are starting to use alternative platforms. The incident demands answers on the transparency of content regulation and the potential manipulation of platforms for political clout, especially during an election season.

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