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Nextcloud Introduces AI Features With Privacy Built In

Nextcloud, the open-source titan competing against the heavyweights like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, is breaking new ground with the announcement of its latest update. Nextcloud Hub 5 comes packed with AI tools and combines file sharing, video conferencing, groupware, and office document editing in a fortress of security – all without the shadow of Big Tech.

Privacy First: Hub 5 is making waves with its focus on privacy, integrating AI features that operate exclusively on the Nextcloud server, which Nextcloud says “shields data from third-party access.” “While AI offers incredible opportunities to improve the productivity of employees, the risks are equally large. I’m extremely proud that Nextcloud is the first in the industry to offer these capabilities without compromising the security and confidentiality of sensitive data,” Nextcloud CEO Frank Karlitschek said.

AI-Powered Extensions: Not stopping there, Nextcloud is on a mission to create on-premises alternatives for even more AI tools. Hub 5 is also extending a friendly hand to external AI services including Deepl, ChatGPT, and DALL-E, and it’s bulking up with GPTZero to pinpoint AI-generated text.

Smarter Mailbox: Taking the lead among AI tools, Nextcloud Mail’s smart inbox is changing email management by using intelligence to categorize and prioritize incoming emails. What’s more, it puts related resources at users’ fingertips, right within the inbox, eliminating the need to switch between apps.

Picture Perfect: Not one to miss out, Nextcloud Photos is hopping on board with AI-driven facial and object recognition to smartly organize your photos. It’s all private and all self-hosted.

Video Upgrades: Nextcloud Talk, a standout for video conferencing on the platform, is undergoing a transformation. Users can now jazz up video calls with background images and blurring options. The new breakout rooms feature makes a splash, especially in creative brainstorming and educational environments. Plus, the beta version of the Talk Desktop client is broadening its horizons with support for multiple operating systems.

The Bottom Line: Nextcloud Hub 5 is a tour de force with its powerful AI tools, a treasure trove of features, and a privacy-first approach. And it’s doing it all without Big Tech’s involvement.

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