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Rumble Secures Exclusive Live Streaming Rights To Third Republican Presidential Primary Debate

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Neutral video sharing platform Rumble has secured exclusive live streaming rights to the third Republican presidential primary debate.

The November 8 debate will be held in Miami, Florida and the deal was reached in partnership with the Republican National Committee (RNC), NBC News, Salem Radio Network, and the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Rumble will feature the debate on its homepage and make it available on the RNC Rumble channel.

“The third debate marks a major milestone for Rumble, and we are thrilled to bring the debate stage online and help promote open dialogue once again,” Rumble CEO and Chairman Chris Pavlovski said. “As the premier platform for all candidates in the 2024 elections, we’re excited to offer viewers another chance to watch democracy in action, and we expect a huge turnout for the exclusive livestream event.”

This is the third time Rumble has secured the exclusive live streaming rights to a Republican primary debate, with the first two debates also streamed exclusively on Rumble. Not only do these exclusives represent a massive win for Rumble, but they also mean that to date, legacy media outlets and Big Tech platforms haven’t live streamed any of the 2024 presidential primary debates. This represents a major reversal from the 2016 Republican primary debates and the 2020 Democratic primary debates, which were live streamed on mainstream media websites and Big Tech platforms.

While Rumble’s CEO has noted that live streaming these debates has helped to promote open dialogue, Google, which owns Rumble competitor YouTube, has been accused of burying Rumble’s debate streams in its search results.

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