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Seven Big GNU/Linux Distro Releases You Can Expect 2023

This collection article highlights upcoming release schedules of Big Five GNU/Linux distributions can be expected in 2023 from February. This includes Debian, Deepin, Fedora, Mageia, openSUSE, Trisquel and Ubuntu. We want to spread the information and news to all readers so, for the users, they can wait for distro they love coming this year and for contributors, they can join and help with the development. All in all, along with this, to each GNU/Linux Project mentioned you can subscribe to the news, read the announcement and sources, as well as further you can download, test the alpha or beta ISO images available and help report bugs. Happy reading! 

 (Ubuntu Wallpaper Competition for Lunar Lobster is an icon of how great 2023 could be to the whole Free Libre Open Source Software (FOSS) community around the world!)


Debian 12 “Bookworm”

According to their published development plan, Debian 12 “Bookworm” seems might be released in 2023. They reached “soft freeze” stage in February, will reach “hard freeze” stage in March, and to be arrived date for the final stage. Visit Debian

Expected release: around 2023Subscribe to announcement: Mailing List
Download: Development Release
Source: Debian Freezing


Deepin 23

According to their Development Planning, Deepin V23 will be released 2023 and they did release the Beta already earlier this February. They promised it will come with a large changes with a new package manager called Linglong.

Expected release: 2023Subscribe to announcement: Deepin News
Download: Development Release
Source: Planning


Fedora 38

According to Fedora Development Schedule, Fedora 38 will be released in April 2023. It will succeed the previous version F37 which had been released November 2022. We can expect so since this February the F38 has been branched out from Fedora Rawhide and entered Beta Freeze. Visit Fedora

Expected release: April 2023Subscribe to release news: Fedora Magazine Download: Fedora 38 Development Release
Source: Development Schedule


Mageia 9

According to Mageia’s Development Schedule and Blog Announcement, Mageia 9 Alpha has been out since November 2022. Mageia 9 will succeed Mageia 8 which had been released two years ago in February 2021.  It actually planned to be released that year. However, it didn’t and becauseit has same principle with Debian’s saying that they release when they are ready, we could expect positively they will this year. Visit Mageia

Expected release: around 2022-2023
Subscribe to announcement: Mageia News
Download: Mageia 9 Development Release
Source: Development Schedule

openSUSE Leap 15.5

According to their news accounement, Leap recently published Beta version and the Roadmap clearly stated it is planned to be released June 2023. We really can expect Leap to be released this year.

Expected release: June 2023
Subscribe to announcement:  
Download: Leap 15.5 Development Version
Source: openSUSE News | Roadmap


Ubuntu 23.04 “Lunar Lobster”

Ubuntu releases twice a year on April and October and in 2023 it will be 23.04 “Lunar Lobster”. They are very clear and predictable about the Release Schedule as they published in both development forum and wiki. To follow Ubuntu releases, we wholeheartedly recommend dear readers to subscribe to ‘ubuntu-announce’ mailing list below.

Expected release: April 2023
Subscribe to announcement: Mailing List | News
Download: Lunar Lobster Development Release
Source: Release Schedule


Trisquel 11

Considering their latest release of stable version 10 last year and the availability of version 11 Beta Five earlier in 2023, we can also expect Trisquel 11 codenamed “Aramo” to be released this year (although no strict schedule published). The developer stated that T11 will be based upon Ubuntu 22.04 LTS “Jammy Jellyfish”. We also recommend all readers to subscribe to ‘trisquel-announce’ mailing list to follow the news.

Expected release: around 2023Subscribe to release news: Mailing List
Download: Beta Release
Source: OS Name | Development Info



Distrowatch Upcoming Distro Releases 2023

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