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Tucker Carlson should join Rumble, Joe Rogan says

In the wake of Tucker Carlson’s sudden departure from Fox News, media circles have been abuzz with speculation about where the popular host will land next. Among those weighing in on the matter is podcast giant Joe Rogan, who has suggested that the news personality should consider joining Rumble, the growing video-sharing platform favored by independent creators for its neutrality.

In an episode with comedian Dave Smith, Smith said that Carlson was someone who, “would disagree with the rest of the people at his network,” and said he was unique in that way.

“He’s really designed for the internet,” Rogan responded.

“I hope he goes there,” Smith said.

“He’s going to,” Rogan added, “unless they’ve paid him off.”

Rogan, who himself left YouTube to join an exclusive deal with Spotify after being censored on the Google-owned platform, went on to say, “I mean if I was a person in a position of power and a wild card like Tucker Carlson got released from Fox News and maybe Rumble makes a deal with him or something like that – do you have any fucking idea how big that would be?… It could make that app, it could make that platform. I mean, if Tucker Carlson goes over there, it’ll be worth it for them to invest a considerable amount of money. And, but if I was Fox News, that’s the last thing I would want.”

Rumble has become home to many who have been censored or de-platformed on Big Tech platforms and is the home to the popular The Dan Bongino Show and Russell Brand.

Carlson, who boasted a nightly audience of over 3 million viewers on his Fox News program, has remained tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding his exit and his future plans. In a video statement posted to his Twitter account, the host cryptically teased, “There aren’t many places left [to hear Americans speak the truth], but there are some. See you soon.”

In the hours that followed Carlson’s departure, several organizations and media figures publicly extended invitations for the former Fox News host to join their ranks. One America News Network (OANN) issued an open call for Carlson on its website, with founder and CEO Robert Herring expressing interest in negotiating with the ousted host.

Similarly, Glenn Beck, formerly of Fox News and now with BlazeTV, expressed enthusiasm about the prospect of Carlson joining his team, promising that together they would “tear it up.”

Although Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski has not explicitly expressed interest in bringing Carlson on board, choosing not to comment, Joe Rogan’s suggestion adds another possible destination to the growing list of potential suitors.

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