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Tuta Mail Creator Tuta Launches Post Quantum Cryptography For Email

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In a major leap towards securing email communication, Tuta has unveiled a novel quantum-resistant encryption protocol – TutaCrypt, devised to shield the current exchange of information from potent decryption assaults foreseen in the future.

Tuta, creator of Tuta Mail — an end-to-end encrypted email facility – plays a substantial role in framing post-quantum secure networks for cloud storage and shared files.

In an endeavor to match other industry giants such as Signal and Apple’s iMessage, Tuta has incorporated a fusion of contemporary quantum-resistant codes with time-tested traditional algorithms in TutaCrypt, thereby fortifying its resistance against impending threats. The existing cryptographic approach, AES 256/Argon2, continues to shield the ongoing digital correspondence against present dangers.

Arne Möhle, CEO of Tuta Mail commented: “With TutaCrypt we are revolutionizing the security of email. For the first time, people can now send and receive emails that are encrypted so strongly that not even quantum computers will be able to break the encryption and decipher the messages. And the best aspect of Tuta Mail: This unique encryption can be used to send emails end-to-end encrypted to anyone in the world, regardless of their email provider, with a simple password exchange!”

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